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All our old Masters almost described the matters of your Works symbolically they wants in writing or through images.

There is an old saying: "a picture is worth a thousand words".

We composed this figure by picture assembly and after scanned it were treated in the appropriate program. Therefore it is not plagiarism of anybody.

Your conception was based on our knowledge of the matters of an alchemic work and of the modus operandi.

Repair well, nothing was left to maybe. The first thing that you perceive is an aqueous environment represented by a beach.

Therefore, this only for itself indicates a humid way. In first plan we see a red dragon that shows blue wings. The colour of the wings not only have a special meaning but it is also to enhance that this red dragon is winged and, as such, it can "fly" that symbologicaly seams to distil or to sublimate according to the cases.

This famous red dragon so much can be distilled as sublimated. To be distilled you will have to use a metallic agent that the colour of the wings symbolizes.

In this way it is not distilled but sublimated and then, here the two suitable agents that form the "secret fire" intervene, one represented by the green key and the other by the seawater.

It won't be you difficult after consulting the alchemical-spagyrical symbology you know which is the agent that the key represents.

The other is away is present in the whole extension of the sea view in your primordial state that the influence of the star king corporify and for the action of Vulcano, it will be ready for our use.

As you see, for the symbology to be so clear and transparent, we believed that the description that we did would be sufficiently so that you can discover easily that matters.

Seek a dragon the purest possible so that of him you can extract enough amount of your soul.

Also the key that together with your acolyte it will serve you to open the lock of the Work it should be pure and extracted of yours natural environment. The star king influence also here will be you necessary so that this green key is transformed in white flowers.

Then you will kill the dragon for he to resuscitate in a soul pure white and immaculate.

To take care with the soul of this dangerous dragon so that your soul it is not given to the Creator.

To see picture: Matters

Rubellus Petrinus