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If you observe the beautiful figure that we sent and that it is in the book Atlanta Fugiens of Michael Maier, you will see in it a lady walking at night, leaving behind herself the footprints marked in the sand of the ground. She seizes in your right hand a branch of flowers and in your hand left several fruits.

Walking on your track sees a old man to rest his right hand on a stick and holding a lit portable lantern in your left hand, walking and putting the feet on of the footprints left in sand of the ground by the lady Nature. On the left side, on sky, you can see the Moon in your last quarter.

The symbolism is so much interesting under the alchemic point of view. The old man with spectacles, only for itself tells us, just as Basil Valentine he wants to mean in the end of your First Key:

«Because, truly, if you didn't still understood the light of my words, there is not spectacles or natural eyes that help you, so that you find in the end that lacked you at the beginning…»

It wants to mean that are necessary spectacles (symbolically observation) to follow the Nature.

Eugene Canseliet in Alchimie Expliquee p.26 says:

«Apothegm that shows without ambiguity that to follow the nature is not as simple as it could have faith, therefore it is still necessary for that, a stick, spectacles and a lantern. These objects are indispensable so that if can place exactly the feet in the footprints left on the sand of the road, during the night under the moon course.

The difficulty seems therefore to increase in the proportion in that the nocturnal star is in decrease, just as us we see it in the sky, under the form of a meniscus, your tips turned for the right…»

In effect the Lunar influence is for too much evident in the alchemic operations, above all in the dry way of the antimony in practically during whole the work but with more evidence in the first manipulations.

But it is not only there were it is shows. In the humid way in the deliquescence of the secret fire salts is also well known its influence as well as in the collect of the dew.

But then, how to follow the Nature exactly during the alchemic works? Here is here a good subject for us to meditate.

Cyliani in Hermes Devoilé levels this subject but it is still more evident in a small treatise of an anonym author in Deux Traites Alchimiques Du XIX Siecle, Recreations Hermetiques, and p 241:

«Everyone knows, today, that the light that the Moon sends it is not us except a reflex of the one of the Sun, to which it come to mix the light of the other stars. The Moon is, for consequence, the receiver or common fire that all the philosophers attempted to speak: it is the source of your live water. If, therefore, you want to reduce in water the sunbeams, choose the moment in that the Moon we transmit them with abundance, that is, as soon as she is full or that approaches of it full moon; you will have, for this middle, the igneous water of the sunbeams and of the Moon in your largest force. But there are still certain indispensable dispositions to accomplish, without which you would not do except clear and useless water. And there is not except an own time to do this pick up of astral spirits. It is that in that the Nature is regenerated because in this time the atmosphere is all impregnated of the universal spirit.»

«The work can be begun soon after to the sun set and to continue the whole night; but it is necessary to finish it as soon as sun rises because its light disperse the spirit and it is not picked up except an useless phlegm. The philosophers have maintaining as far as here these things very secrets; they have not been speaking except very obscurely and always under the veil of the allegory.»

Here is, dear friends, a summary description of the subtle Nature energies but this theme doesn't become exhausted here.

We already read times without number this small treatise and we didn't still get, until today, to understand entirely how to follow the Nature in the alchemic operations and, above all, in the work that this Artist intends to transmit us.

Perhaps one day we have such ' intuition ' for we could lift the veil and we see the Light.

I suggest you the reading of this small treatise whose reading will be you very profitable under the operative point of view since you get to discover which the matters and the forces in the Nature used in the modus operandi.

To see figure: Nature

Rubellus Petrinus