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In the alchemic symbology Our Gold is synonym of alchemic Sulphur. Who referred this was Philalethes in the Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King.

But before continuing, we will explain what means in alchemy the term Sulphur.

«The base of the hermetic theory is the unit of the matter. It is unites but it can take several forms and, in these new forms, to combine and to produce new bodies. The matter is composed of two beginnings Sulphur and Mercury that can be combined in several proportions forming new bodies. Basil Valentine joins it a third beginning that is the Salt. Like this, the Sulphur, in a metal, means the colour and the combustibility.»

In Theories et Symboles Des Alchimistes, Albert Poisson, Editions Traditioneles, Paris, 1981.

Erinaeus Philalethes in the Chapter XI, Concerning the Discovery of Perfect Magistery says:

«Then they considered that, before its coagulation this Mercury was not metal, since, on being volatilised, it left no residue at the bottom of distilling vessel; hence they called it unmatured gold and their living silver.»

It wants to mean, in our modest understanding, that the philosophical mercury -per se- coagulate itself in alchemic Sulphur of the Sun or of the Moon as it was prepared by the Solar or Lunar regulus.

In the Chapter XIII, Of the Use of Mature Sulphur in the Work of Elixir, says:

«Without Sulphur, our Mercury would never be properly coagulated for our supernatural work; it is the male substance, while Mercury may called the female; and all Sages say no tincture can be made without its latten, which latten is gold, without double speaking.»

In the Chapter XV, Of the Incidental Purging of Mercury and Gold, says:

«But Mercury needs inward and essential purging, which radical cleansing in brought about by addition of true Sulphur, little by little, according to the number of the Eagles.»

We know that in the of the amalgams way the Sulphur is extracted of the Sun or of the Moon melted with the martial regulus that in the distillation of the amalgam is incorporated little by little in the philosophical mercury.

In the humid version, the philosophical mercury as it contains inside the sulphur Solar or Lunar for the coagulation -per se- it is become Solar or Lunar philosophical Sulphur.

In the antimony dry way the Alchemic Sulphur it is extracted of Caput after having leached, calcinated and sublimated.

In this work the alchemic Sulphur is proceeding from Mars that was used in the preparation of the martial regulus. It is a delicate operation that demands from the Artist the exact knowledge of the modus operandi.

Also in the Flamel's way that, as the one of Philalethes they is an amalgam way, the cooking of the amalgam it produces the philosophical Sulphur that is retired from matrasse as it is produced.

In Basil Valentine's Twelve Keys, the Sulphur is extracted of the gold as he explains in the Third Key and in the Will and Last Testament. Besides, in the Vitriol way also described for the Master in the Will and Last Testament, the alchemic Sulphur can be extracted of Vitriol in the form of very heavy red oil.

In Kamala Jnana's humid way the alchemic the Sulphur is obtained at the beginning in the Separation with a secret fire from the mineral subject.

We could refer other cases that define clearly the need of alchemical Sulphur that, jointly with philosophical Mercury they form the called Rebis or Hermaphrodite, that is, a philosophical matter simultaneously male and female.

Therefore we found very strange that in the description of an alchemic work of a modern Iberian author after the preparation of Azoth (philosophical mercury) he refers to the conjugation of the indispensable alchemic Sulphur with the designated Azoth for formation of Rebis, with one of the elements that they form the Secret Fire which designates, for analogy with Philalethes, of Our Gold or be, in the great Masters' terminology, philosophical Sulphur.

In our modest understanding, this very common matter very known because it is used daily, it doesn't have anything to see with the alchemic Sulphur designated by the Masters and, for that, this procedure is not incorporated with any work known alchemy and, alquimicaly, doesn't make any sense.

It is probable that the conjugation of such Azoth with a true alchemic Sulphur even extracted with mill and art of own Caput of an Eagle, to the likeness of Basil Valentine's work in the Vitríolo way, accomplish your functions, transforming the composition in a true Rebis that, cooked in an philosophical egg -per se- in an oven and in bath of sand, it can allow the alchemic death of the composition or be, the Crow in the regime of Saturn and, and so on, to the regime of the Sun, in continuous cooking, just with the application of an appropriate heat in each regime.

It seems us a very interesting theme under the operative alchemic aspect that deserves to be commented.

To see picture: Eagles and Azoth.

Rubellus Petrinus