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The Keys Of Basilius

Greetings. The explanations of the famous keys are all too briefly spoken of here in the context of a seminar that revealed the work of Valentine, Newton, Flamel, Philalethes, Paracelsus, de Violette, Bacstrom, and countless others. It is offered here as an alternative to the series found on the Alchemy Website:

Pay diligent attention to this fact, and observe it well, for here lies the master key of our whole Art. Antimony, which contains within itself its own vinegar, should be so prepared as to entirely remove its poisonous nature, in order that he who drinks it may not swallow with it any venom, but rather drive away and cast out all poison from his body. The preparation of Antimony, or the Key of Antimony, is that by which it is dissolved, opened, divided, and separated. Such processes are calcination, reverberation, sublimation, as we have previously declared. In extracting its essence, in vitalizing its Mercury, the process is continued, and this Mercury must afterwards be precipitated in the form of a fixed powder. By our Art it can also become an oil...

While at the link the tablets are laid out in an order as was presented by Valentine, modern research has revealed another numerical sequence, as shown on this page.

Yves will now explain the significance of the pictures of Basilius Valentinus and he will also answer questions about yesterdays practice.

In this seminar I think you will have a certain amount of knowledge and you will birth certain light concerning the alchemical kingdom. I think that we have given free information, it’s time on earth to make secrets of alchemy free. We need to initiate. We have come to bring you this light from a source that doesn’t belong to us only, and we have come by love. And I’d like to thank personally each of you. Transmit this knowledge and this love, and light. Because when you love others you deposit a seed in their hearts, and it fecundates the philosophical stone. This philosophical stone is the heart. There is no other path.

Just very rapidly I will explain the Basil Valentine pictures.

The 12 Keys of Basil Valentine.


1st -

Here are the 2 first agents that you will work on. Here is the antimony, the fire. Conjunction of both and it’s the preparation of the two first agents.


2nd -

Here is the dragon, antimony. It gives the Regulus where you can see the antimony here and the 2 natures. Since the antimony Regulus is said - kind of frolics.


3rd -

This is purification of mercury by fire washing. This is the snake mercury and here is the cock, and we have the double mercury, the animated mercury.


4th -

This is feeding, the Red Lion with the blood of the Green Dragon. The green Lion you know what it is, it’s the crude antimony. And the Red Lion is the Regulus.

5th -

This is the development of the seed of the philosophical sulfur. You see here Vulcan, the heat, the Red Lion which is gold. This is mercury animated, it has 7 flowers - 7 Eagles.

6th -

When you get this Red powder the philosophical sulfur, you join it to the mercury (animated). This is the conjunction of earth and sky.

7th -

This is development of putrefaction, substances become black and colored.

8th -

This is the crow beneath and this is the phoenix.

9th - Funny that this coloring was issued as a Green Lion eating the Mercury

This is the flowering of the 2 stones after multiplication. This is the Red Lion and he’s eating the mercury. It means that to multiply the stone this red powder must be put again in mercury (animated). There are 2 stones - Red and White.

10th -

This is making the precious flask. You put the philosophical stone with gold, it remains two hours and it gives a glass that gives the transmutation powder.

There is no time to explain the details. You can see there’s a lot of details on these pictures. You probably can find them O.K.? I don’t know. This will be a personal job for you.

Note: A comment was made that they may be found, the 12 Keys in the Hermetic Museum. Or, go here: Alchemy Website

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