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BEYOND INTERDEPENDENCE AND SUSTAINABILITY: THE ONCE AND FUTURE SCIENCE. The Cultural Tragedy and Significance of the Holocaust and the Source of Western Civilization. The MATERIA PRIMA, or FIRST MATTER - A Presentation of the Basics of Alchemie. From the Teachings and Unpublished Manuscripts of Frater Albertus, selected and compiled by Herbert Kessler.


I. Novus Ordo Seclorum: The End of the Age of Objective Science.


With his, THE JEWISH ALCHEMISTS (Princeton University Press, 1994), Raphael Patai shows that western civilization did not originate in Greek antiquity - the worship of which is the religion of the upper class - nor in northern Europe but in ancient Egypt and foremostly, in Chaldea and in Israel: For our civilization we owe to the great men of biblical fame that had been, above paragons of faith, paragons also of the arts and sciences which were revealed to them from God, and then through the ages were passed on to Jewish alchemists in eastern Europe.

And this revealed wisdom of the patriarchs and the schools of the prophets, that Once And Future Science would also become known as Hermetic Philosophy (for Hermes Trismegistos as the Greeks had called the biblical Malkizêdeq) and as the Q.B.L. (for how it was obtained - see Appendix pg. A1 ), as Alchemy for what and how it is being used, see section V), as the Ancient or Philosophical Tradition, and as Ancient Knowledge or Ancient Wisdom.

But the anti-Semitic trend which sprung up in the Italian Renaissance - and gained momentum with the Age of Enlightenment and with the advent of classicism, culminating in the Holocaust with Mr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz infame, wherein the Jewish-Hermetic Renaissance in eastern Europe would perish - had substituted nationalism and the depravities of an "Aryan Master Race", namely the worship of Grecian culture and of its pedophile patrons like Plato, Aristotle, Homer, or any of the illustrious Greek names, for the adoration of the biblical men of God.

Which would wipe out with its roots the advent of a Golden Age for humanity and bequeath us the tyranny and the environmental exploitation of a racist, of a white supremacist - an Aryan objective, secular scientific world view that would acknowledge appearances as real alone. An Aryan science that cannot produce power from the heavenly source, an Aryan medicine that cannot heal the sick - an abusive denial of the real world which carries the wrath of Almighty God: An intellectual system of thought, having destroyed man's conscience it knows neither faith nor hope nor justice, nor will it know Him as the Creator nor will it know the use of the spirit realm - the MATERIA PRIMA or FIRST MATTER namely, which is the quintessence of all created and living things.

The future science, in contrast, shall have its foundation in the spiritual view of the world. And it will be multicultural and sustainable in its effects, and make known again the divine purpose for our mortal existence here on earth:

To go beyond interdependence and sustainability, in order to carry out with our hands the challenge of the blueprint of the Chief Architect's design.

Former UNCED Secretary General, Maurice Strong - who also had organized the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro - is one of the key sponsors for the changes which should be carried out as how we perceive our world. He is quite outspoken and has made clear that from all the faiths it is Christianity that must change, for it is Christianity alone (amongst all the faiths) that will deny the spatial presence of the spirit world.

Christianity alone denies that trees, rocks, mountains, lakes, rivers, even clouds and winds and tornados and hurricanes and earthquakes and fires, together with the remainder of the creation have consciousness and spirits - Christianity (continued on the next page)