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breaking forth from on high and across the abyss like a shooting star - infusing and challenging these dark clouds of the roaring chaos with its heavenly design.

Now as was shown above, man was placed on earth to finish its fourth phase, the phase of the perfection and completion of that heavenly design. And besides completion, there are parts and aspects of the whole work, like ourselves, which had been damaged or not come out right in the previous phase, in the third phase of formation, and which must be repaired and healed and restored.

All this can best be carried out by creating new seedstones for the matters concerned and putting them into the right spots: That is the purpose of alchemy here on earth at the present time.

And as the great work of the sons of God is producing Philosophers' Stones, and implanting them into al-khame or into the blackness of an abysmal chaos, and they in this manner bring to pass the transmutation of that blackness - al-khame or al-chemy - the transmutation of alchemy into planets and suns and into worlds of light, even without end:

That's why the manufacture of the Stone, the coveted goal of the alchemists has been referred to at last as - THE GREAT WORK.