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Please note that the English "attic" is the Aramaeic/Arabic/Hebrew "atêeq," "ancient" (e.g. Dan. 7:9, "Atêeq Yowmêen," an Ancient of Days), and again is the English "antique." Therefore, the attic of the nave or transept naturally is the Holy of Holies where the Atêeq Yowmêen, the Ancient of Days resides - and whence revelation and light do proceed.

Enigma in the Desert: The Salt Lake City Mormon Temple.

In the architecture of the historic temple of the Latter-Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah this is expressed in the cloud stones and rays of light shooting downward out of the clouds: "And the light shineth forth from the darkness; and the darkness apprehendeth it not" (Jn. 1:5).

The cloud stones therefore (besides the temple's six spires) show the First of the FOUR WORLDS, the PRIMA CAUSA, the writ of revelation. And in that manner, they complete the FOURFOLD PATTERN of the Ancient Tradition, which thus has been revealed anew in the temple:

The Earth, Moon, and Sun Stones, eclipsed by the Revelation Stones.

And there are in the masonry the Ten Laws, which Moses abridged into the Ten Commandments. And there further are the Three Pillars of Rulership: The Middle Pillar of Peace through submission to God's will which would represent the faith of Islam; the Right Pillar of Grace and Mercy which would represent Christianity and which the masons know as Yâa-kheen ("He shall establish"); and then the Left Pillar of Justice and Strength which would represent Judaism and is known to the masons as Bôw-az ("in Him strength").

Also, the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple, like the Gothic cathedral of France, is easily recognized as a stone-hewn monument for the Sephirotic Tree of Life - of which its present owners know nothing, or are no longer aware of.

As a corollary, we can lay to rest now the issue of the style of the temple as it is clearly Gothic even in the absence of pointed arches, flying buttresses and ribbed vaults. It is the spiritual significance and not the cosmetics which decides whether a structure is in the Gothic style: The divine FOURFOLD PATTERN for the creation of the worlds must be manifest therein.

And thus, the masonry of the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple, like its designer Truman 0. Angell has explained, and like the Gothic cathedral will show us "some of the great architectural works above."