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1999 12 25 HK

The Cultural Tragedy and Significance of the Holocaust and the Source of Western Civilization. The MATERIA PRIMA, or FIRST MATTER - A Presentation of the Basics of Hermetic Philosophy. From the Teachings and Unpublished Manuscripts of Frater Albertus, selected and compiled by the Paracelsus Research Institute.

Table of Contents

I. Novus Ordo Seclorum: The End Of The Age Of Secular Objective Science.

With his, THE JEWISH ALCHEMISTS (Princeton University Press, 1994), Raphael Patai shows that western civilization did not originate in Greek antiquity - the worship of which is the religion of the upper class - nor in northern Europe but in ancient Egypt and foremostly, in Chaldea and in Israel: For our civilization we owe to the great men of biblical fame that had been, above paragons of faith, paragons also of the arts and sciences which were revealed to them from God, and then through the ages were passed on to Jewish alchemists in eastern Europe.

And this revealed wisdom of the patriarchs and the schools of the prophets, that Once And Future Science would also become known as Hermetic Philosophy (for Hermes Trismegistos as the Greeks had called the biblical Malkizdeq) and as the Q.B.L. (for how it was obtained - see Appendix pg. Al), as Alchemy (for what and how it is being used, see section V), as the Ancient or Philosophical Tradition, and as Ancient Knowledge - or Ancient Wisdom.

But the anti-Semitic trend which sprung up in the Italian Renaissance - and gained momentum with the Age of Enlightenment and with the advent of classicism, culminating in the Holocaust with Dr. Josef Mengele of Auschwitz infame, wherein the Jewish-Hermetic Renaissance in eastern Europe would perish - had substituted nationalism and the depravities of an "Aryan Master Race", namely the worship of Grecian culture and of its pedophile patrons like Plato, Aristotle, Homer or any of the illustrious Greek names, for the adoration of the biblical men of God.

Which would wipe out with its roots the advent of a Golden Age for humanity and bequeath us the tyranny and the environmental exploitation of a racist, of a white supremacist - an Aryan objective, secular scientific world view that would acknowledge the appearances as real alone. An Aryan science that cannot produce power from the heavenly source, an Aryan medicine that cannot heal the sick – an abusive denial of the real world that carries the wrath of Almighty God: An intellectual system of thought, having destroyed man's conscience it knows neither faith nor hope nor justice, nor will it know Him as the Creator nor will it know the use of the spirit realm - the MATERIA PRIMA or FIRST MATTER namely, which is the Quintessence of all created and living things.

The future science, in contrast, shall have its foundation in the spiritual view of the world. And it will be multicultural and sustainable in its effects, and make known again the divine purpose for our mortal existence here on earth:

To go beyond interdependence and sustainability, in order to carry out with our hands the challenge of the blueprint of the Chief Architect's design.

Former UNCED Secretary General, Maurice Strong - who also had organized the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro - is one of the key sponsors for the changes which should be carried out as how we perceive our world. He is quite outspoken and has made clear that from all the faiths it is Christianity that must change, for it is Christianity alone (amongst all the faiths) that will deny the spatial presence of the spirit world.

Christianity alone denies that trees, rocks, mountains, lakes, rivers, even clouds and winds and tornados and hurricanes and earthquakes and fires, together with the reminder of the creation have consciousness and spirits – Christianity [Page 2] alone denies the presence of fairies, elves, nymphs, gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and of other unseen nature beings.

By denying the World of Spirit (which is the MATERIA PRIMA or the second of the FOUR WORLDS - see below) a false Christian religion which follows Plato, and his practice and his glorification of sodomizing teenage boys, but not Jesus and the patriarchs and prophets, then would dismiss the entire fourfold structure of the creation. It was this denial that had vanquished the ancient knowledge, and thus would arrive the Dark Ages, which continue to this very day.

"The false church has in this manner brought about the radical falsification of all nature, all naturalness, all reality, of the whole inner world as well as the outer ... and created a counter movement to natural conditions ... it turned religion and all knowledge, science, history, medicine, and psychology, and law, one after the other into an incurable contradiction of their own natural values" (Friedrich von Nietzsche, THE ANTI-CHRIST).

But now the handwriting is on the wall as Maurice Strong has explained, and if necessary, the change would be brought on by force: "Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about"? (From "The Wizard Of The Baca Grande", interview with WEST magazine of Alberta, Canada in May 1990).

Because the Post-Industrial Age, the Global Plantation - the deconstruction of that monopoly of our white supremacist scientific-technological illusion of a world of phenomena (the World of the Shells, page 4, 4a) - the end of the age of secular objective science will be a programme of the New World Order, fulfilling the script, "I shall destroy the wisdom of the wise and I shall bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent" (Isa.29:14). And they that have seized charge of this restored, this new science at once shall carry out these words preceding there: "A marvelous work and a wonder", where they shall be the masters and the leaders in an approaching New Order Of Things.

II. The Q.B.L.: The Theory Of The FOUR WORLDS.

In the Western Philosophical Tradition, which usually is referred to as the Q.B.L., the world will appear arrayed into four layers: The PRIMA CAUSA and the THREE MATERIAS, which are the MATERIA PRIMA or FIRST MATTER, the MATERIA SECUNDA or SECOND MATTER, and the MATERIA TERTIA or THIRD MATTER. These four layers, or four phases also are known as Caputes Quattuor Coronati and as, the FOUR WORLDS.

The PRIMA CAUSA is the first of the FOUR WORLDS, the Great FIRST CAUSE that holds in heaven the archetypes of all created and living things. It is known as Atsilth - pronounced, Atseel-oth, with a short "A" - the Atsiltic World. The first phase in the generation of a live entity thus is to conceive its Archetype or Seed in a Vision or a Revelation. The Book of Genesis refers to this process with the first word of the Bible: B’reish-eth, in the beginning - namely where the archetypes are kept - in the beginning in the heavens.

The MATERIA PRIMA, the second of the FOUR WORLDS, is the Seedstone which is the image of the seed. It is known as the Quintessence, or Quinta Essentia, and consists of Three Essentials or Three Principles: The Essential Mercury, or its spirit, its breath or life force which had come from God. Next is the Essential Sulfur or soul, its consciousness or "self" which implies to know good from evil and to choose the good. And then the Essential Salt or essential body, which is its spatial order - and which must not be confounded with the physical body that had come from dust of the ground (Gen. 2:7).

[Page 3]

Here, in the MATERIA PRIMA, will be created the Blueprint of the envisioned entity, which is the will of God in all things - and which further is the unseen spirit world, brought forth in the image of its seed (or archetype) in a process known as, Creation. The Book of Genesis refers to this process of creation with the verb, baara - to create, from which it derives its name, Briah (B’ree-h or B're-ah) which is, Creation. It is the First Creation, the Spiritual Creation, the planning phase of the Seven Days in the Book of Genesis, where the blueprint was laid out for the next phase of the formation, or construction of the earth:

This here is the all-important Britic World - the World of Creation, the FIRST MATTER which has become lost to the West and shall now be restored.

The MATERIA SECUNDA or the third of the FOUR WORLDS has the Three Formative Elements or Essences of Fire, Water and Air, which will form the physical entity from the chaos in the image of the blueprint or seedstone (in the MATERIA PRIMA) in the process of Formation. They are hostile to modern man, for he has invaded their realm in defiance of that blueprint - in defiance of the will of God.

The Book of Genesis mentions this elemental process with the verb, yaatsr, to form from which it has its name, Y’tsirah (Y’tseer-h or Y’tser-ah), meaning Formation. This is the Y’tsirtic World or World of Formation - the Second, the Physical Creation - the construction phase of the earth which the Masons know as the Unfinished Workpiece - hewn after its blueprint in phase two before.

The MATERIA TERTIA, at last, is the fourth of the FOUR WORLDS - and it will come about when the MATERIA SECUNDA will be rendered alive through the agency of the Fourth Element or Essence Earth in a process of Perfection. This process of perfection will permanently join the MATERIA PRIMA, which is called Quintessence or Fifth Essence or the Fifth Element, to the MATERIA SECUNDA, by perfecting the Unfinished Workpiece which then can be fitted into its blueprint. And thus will the MATERIA SECUNDA receive its body, soul and spirit: MATERIA PRIMA to MATERIA SECUNDA fused permanently through the perfecting agency of the earth element and in this process rendered alive, have thus merged and are now the MATERIA TERTIA.

The MATERIA TERTIA in this manner will become a replica of its archetype in the PRIMA CAUSA in the heavens. And here, at last, have we found the process by which the heavens expand and grow: Here is the why and the how of creation.

Now to execute this fourth phase of perfection, in behalf of our planet and of ourselves: That's our divine commission, that's why we are here. And not to forget the perfecting and fixative agency of the earth element, but to put it to the practice on our planet - that's why the planet is named, the earth. In this manner is the earth (arets) the school that carries the name and teaches command of this most vital art of perfecting and completing an assignment via fixation.

Not a conservation of the earth but fixation and perfection and completion, and exaltation through the spirit including ourselves, transcending mortality at last: There we shall find man's destiny and sojourn in this valley of sorrows.

It is this process of fixation which Paracelsus means when he refers to the Quintessence as: Hidden within the Four (the Four Elements that are also called the Four Essences - the first three of which form the MATERIA SECUNDA, while the fourth will fix to them - or hide in them - the MATERIA PRIMA, the Fifth Essence or Quintessence) but not one of the Four, we find the Fifth as one of the Three:

The Fifth Essence, the Quintessence or MATERIA PRIMA namely is the first of and thus one of the Three: The THREE MATERIAS - not the Three Essentials!

The Book of Genesis records this perfection phase with the verb, aash: To make, to accomplish or to perfect, as in Genesis 2:3, "... ashr baara Elowhem la-aswth" - which God had created (in order) to perfect (KJV, which God created [Page 4] and made). And from this verb aash is derived the name of that fourth phase - Asiyah (Aseey-yh or Asey-yah, with a short "A") which means, Perfection.

It is the Asiytic World - the World of Perfection. For to carry out the perfection of the earth was man created - as the land there still is called Asia where much of that ancient wisdom has been preserved - and commanded to till the ground (Gen. 3:23) and not to just produce food. We must further note here that in Norse mythology the gods are called the Asen, or the guardians (gardeners) of purity. And their home is Asgard, the Garden of Purity: As in the Garden Eden, the heavenly blood was guarded there in a state of perfection and purity.

And any project or work that is successfully accomplished must follow along these four phases: First there must be conceived its Seed, or the Vision of its Archetype in heaven. Second, the Blueprint or Seedstone, the Celestial World is created therefrom. Third, its construction phase is achieved with the elemental forces - power tools and fire - the Unfinished Workpiece: Here's hard hat area, a world of a trial of terror - a Terrestrial World. And fourth and finally, the project must be finished and perfected such that it shall become united with its second or Celestial World - its FIRST MATTER or Quintessence or the Will of God.

In this manner, it shall receive its body, soul and spirit and become alive to last forever - which is meant by "successfully accomplished": The perfection phase, which is also known as the Telestial World (Gr. telo, to perfect).

But there also is a FIFTH WORLD, the MATERIA QUARTA, below the fourth world of perfection. The INFERNO namely, which is the proverbial "World of the Flesh" from which the Spirit has fled. And now in Hebrew that's Owlam Ha-QQ’leepwth, World of the Shells, or the world of dead matter: The Aryan secular view of the world of objective science and medicine, where men have invaded the realm of the elemental forces in defiance of the FIRST MATTER or in defiance of the Creator's blueprint - the Fifth Column which proceeds in defiance of His will and purpose.

And in that manner have we succeeded now to bring forth the modern Babel of our present scientific age: The Q’lipwtic World, the World of the Shells - the World of Corruption or the Infernal World. And there, in the fifth world of the shells alone (with the essence removed) can the onslaught of Aryan, of objective secular science on the biblical records originate and take effect.

III. The Q.B.L.: A Summary.

The FOUR (FIVE) WORLDS - The Six Elements Or Six Essences - The Three Principles Or Three Essentials: A Summary For Reference.


The Seed.

The Seed (Emanation) or Archetype in Heaven. The Sixth Essence or Element. The Antimonial Tinctures (see also section IV) for the purification of the blood or seed.


The Seedstone.

Sulfur, Salt, & Mercury.

The Seedstone - the first, the spiritual creation or the blueprint - the Fifth Essence (Quintessence) or Element with its Three Essentials or Three Principles: Sulfur (essential soul), Salt (or essential body), and Mercury (essential spirit or life force). The Philosophers' Stone.

MATERIA SECUNDA: Fire, Water, & Air.

The Three Formative Elements or Essences: Fire (Sheen), Water (Meim), and Air (Alef) form from the blueprint the second or physical creation - the Unfinished Workpiece.


The Fourth or Fixative Element or Essence Earth perfects and joins to the unfinished workpiece its blueprint.


The Aryan secular and objective - or positivistic – view of the world. The appearance of our scientific world of the atom and of the Periodic Table of the Elements: They are shells, shadows, illusions - not essences.

[Page 4a]

To illustrate this last point, we shall quote from one of the modern books on Alchemy: "An also acceptable analogy would be the correspondences of

Electron = Mercury; Proton = Sulphur; and Neutron = Salt".

Nothing could be further from the truth as these and other building blocks of contemporary physical science refer to the FIFTH WORLD, the MATERIA QUARTA or World of the Shells alone. Whereas Sulfur, Salt and Mercury are building blocks in the SECOND WORLD, the World of the Spirit which is the World of Creation, the MATERIA PRIMA or Quintessence - where our scientists do have no access.

And to make matters worse, deluded modern man has hitched to that world of the flesh, to the world of his scientific illusions the artificial constructs of organized religion (with an afterlife in a hypothetical 3-dimensional heaven and hell) and of mysticism. Please see Epilogue pages El, E2.

To lead mankind out of the Dark Ages of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries will need a New Paradigm of Science. And that new paradigm of science will be the recognition and mastery of the MATERIA PRIMA, or Quintessence, a world of power and spirit that is the Chief Architect's blueprint for the restoration and completion of His Unfinished Workpiece.

The MATERIA PRIMA has been rediscovered now as Vacuum Energy by astronomers in their quest for supernovae. It was correctly also named the Quintessence and its mastery shall be the gate for a transition from our Aryan Age of Darkness to an approaching New and Universal Age of Light.

[Page 5]

IV. Laboratory Alchemy: THE LAW OF POLARITY - The Preparatory Work.

But the removal of the essence from a matter also is the main operation for the Preparatory or Spagyric Work of alchemy. "Spagyric" derives from the Greek, spow, to drain; agaths, good and iray, assembly. The idea is to drain from a matter its essence (all six essences) in usually several steps and then assemble or pour these the good, the useful or "essential" parts together into one vessel while the drained out physical body will be left behind.

Here is the source of great confusion, because the present mystic societies have confounded this issue by mistaking the essential body - which we introduced in Section II as the principle of spatial order (the salt that preserves) of the essence - for the gross physical body. Whereas we shall view the essential body (or salt) as the interface of the essence with the physical body, from which the physical body shall derive its support and its strength.

And it is in this context that the physical body - after having its essence extracted - is known in the spagyric work as Caput Mortuum or the Dead Head, and also as the Feces while the essence is its Virtue. And whereas the essence, the virtue of a substance is obtained for its medicinal qualities, the feces without virtue are what our enlightened scientific age with its pursuit of pleasures (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Pleasures) all has come to be about.

The main concern now of the Preparatory Work is to obtain the virtue of the mineral-metal Antimony. And as lead with its planet Saturn occupy the sphere of Binah (Understanding), so will antimony with its planet Uranus occupy the sphere of Chakhmah (Wisdom), its symbol being the Orb - the letter Taaw (a cross) above a circle: The salvation (the fourth phase Asiyah!) of the world. Thus antimony is the great purifier and shall cleanse and renew our blood to eternal vigor and youthfulness. This purification of the blood is necessary before the artist (or apprentice alchemist) will have the clarity and strength of mind to successfully begin with the Great Work: The production of the Philosophers' Stone.

The Spagyric Work or the LAW OF POLARITY, therefore, is also called, Mental Alchemy - and above it and a godly life, knowing good from evil and persistently CHOOSING GOOD AND REJECTING EVIL with charity for the sick and poor, there is no need for hocus-pocus as qabalistic or magical or theurgical rituals or spiritual and mental exercises, or prayers in an oratory.

And Basil Valentine who lived about hundred years before Paracelsus, writes in THE TRIUMPHAL CHARIOT OF ANTIMONY on the Preparatory Work:

"we apprehend the essential properties of a thing, the circumstances by which it is conditioned, its matter, its form, its operation and their source, whence it is infused and implanted, how it is generated by the Stars, formed by the elements, produced and perfected by the three principles (or three essentials).

Again, it enables us to understand how the body of anything can be dissolved, i.e., resolved into its first matter or essence: To this change I have referred in my other writings as the transmutation of the last substance into the first, and of the first substance into the last."

The last paragraph here again defines the Preparatory Work: How to resolve anything into its FIRST MATTER or essence. While the paragraph before describes how it had come into being through the FOUR WORLDS: Infused, generated, formed, and finally perfected by the three essentials via the Earth Element, which fixes the FIRST MATTER or essence and its three essentials into the SECOND MATTER of a [Page 6] thing, and so perfects it with the "transmutation of the first substance (or the FIRST MATTER) into the last" (the last substance which is the THIRD MATTER).

A preparation of antimony also is the essential milestone in the production of Alcohol or Philosophical Spirits of Wine ("alcohol" is the Arabic "al-kuhool" alluding to "kuhl" or antimony), and even more so in the rectification (just see the plate pg. 7) of the principal magisteria for the Great Work: The Antimonial Vinegar, and the much sought after Universal Solvent to produce the FIRST MATTER (with the Philosophical Mercury and Sulfur).

V. Laboratory Alchemy: THE GREAT WORK.

The end of alchemy is not to assist natural laws in evolving a more perfect vehicle for the expression of the life force or, because of the unity of all, to ultimately make the divine manifest. Nor is it the raising of vibrations nor is it evolution nor is it about isolating the principle of life. And it is not the search for a union with the higher self, and not the search for making the stone of the self. And the Great Work is not about changing gold into a white powder, nor about emptying out the subconscious mind of the last residual doubt in order to fill it with "Christ Consciousness".

But these terms are New Age garbage (although even Frater Albertus had used this lingo in his HANDBOOK OF ALCHEMY); for the purpose of alchemy is to produce the Philosophers' Stone to transmute lead into gold and conquer disease and mortality, to smite and destroy the counsel of the nations (Ps.33:10) and establish the Kingdom of God on the earth: "The stone that smote the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth" (Dan. 2:34,35). And no alchemist ever will reveal himself as such and would not carry out a transmutation of lead into gold in a quantity that would leave no doubt about his command over matter, and about his mastership over the second, or spirit realm of creation.

The Great Work - the production of the Stone - therefore is a euphemism for the art and power of creation, or the mastership over the second world of Briah, the mastership over the FIRST MATTER: The Philosophers' Stone is the seedstone, the exaltation of the FIRST MATTER in the metal kingdom.

The process of exaltation of the FIRST MATTER or essence is accomplished by separating it - having been obtained through a spagyric process - into its three essentials, which then must be purified, and afterwards joined together again in a delicate and tedious process, called cohobation. The result here will be - if all goes well - the so-called Alchemistical Manifestation which in the metallic kingdom is known as the Great Tincture: A synonym for the Philosophers' Stone.

The separation into the three essentials, their purification and cohobation consequently are not the spagyric work as some would make us believe and besides mistaking the caput mortuum (also they've misspelled it "caput mortem", which is an impossible Latin form) for the essential salt. But these processes belong to the Alchemistical Work which comes after the spagyric work, and will lead to the Great Work. While the spagyric process, which precedes it, extracts the essence or FIRST MATTER alone. And usually this will need more than one fraction, which then must be collected into one. Thus we recognize that extracting the spagyric fractions is not the separation into the three essentials - and their collection is not the forementioned cohobation.

There are innumerable variations of the Philosophers' Stone: While the red stone of the medieval alchemists is an apprentice's practise alone for producing a crude seedstone (an active blueprint which transmutes base metals into gold by [Page 7] insertion, and will heal disease and rejuvenate by ingestion), the more advanced stones are more specified in what they will bring about (like seeds in the plant kingdom). They are blueprints (the FIRST MATTER) for whatever they were created to form and inserted into chaotic substance, the three formative elements (Fire, Water and Air) which form the SECOND MATTER and the fixative element Earth which perfects the THIRD MATTER will read these blueprints and carry them out.

The earth thus was formed when its seedstone invaded the dark clouds of the primordial waters which then set into motion the awesome work of these formative forces. Paintings and other works of art show the fiery seedstone of the earth, breaking forth from on high and across the abyss like a shooting star - infusing and challenging these dark clouds of the roaring chaos with its heavenly design.

Now as was shown above, man was placed on earth to finish its fourth phase, the phase of the perfection and completion of that heavenly design. And besides completion, there are parts and aspects of the whole work, like ourselves, which had been damaged or not come out right in the previous phase, in the third phase of formation, and which must be repaired and healed and restored.

All this can best be carried out by creating new seedstones for the matters concerned and putting them into the right spots: That is the purpose of alchemy here on earth at the present time.

And as the Great Work of the Sons of God is producing Philosophers' Stones, and implanting them into al-khame or into the blackness of an abysmal chaos, and they, in this manner, bring to pass the transmutation of the blackness (al-khame or al-chemy), the transmutation of alchemy into planets and suns and into worlds of light even without end:

That's why the manufacture of the Stone, the coveted goal of the alchemists has been referred to at last as - THE GREAT WORK.

[Page A1]

Appendix A: The Etymologies Of The Q.B.L., The Kbbalah, And The Ineffable Name

The Q.B.L.: The Hermetic Tradition.

The action of a Hebrew verb is defined by three letters or consonants which are called its root letters, and it is the middle one of these root letters that defines the mode of the action. For example, QaaHl with the outer root letters Q and L and the middle root letter H, means "to call together to assemble".

But if the middle root letter becomes a V, then QaaVL means, "to complain, to cry out". And with that middle letter missing, there's the noun, QowL, which means "voice, sound".

The outer letters specify a calling (indeed, "QowL" is our English, "call") while the middle letter specifies the mode of this calling, like whether it is a calling to the public in order to assemble, or a calling for help.

Now if the middle letter is intensified, for example if QVL, becomes QBL - V is the aspirated or weak version of B and is also spelled Bh, like F = Ph is the weak version of P, or Th is the weak version of T (the seven letters which admit such a double pronunciation also are called, the Double Letters) - then here the action of the verb, too, becomes intensified: The crying out for something will become the really crying out for something.

And somebody who really cries out for something with all his might shall in the end receive the object of his crying out. Therefore, QBL defines the things that have been received after a prolonged and forceful crying out for them, like a young bird in its nest which cries the loudest and longest, and opens its beak the widest, and raises itself up, and wiggles its wingstubs:

That bird namely will receive the worm.

And Moses had to go to the top of the hill, hold up his hands with the rod, and had his hands stayed up by Aaron and Hur all day long, until sundown, before the LORD gave Joshua and Israel the victory over king Amalek (Ex. 17:8-13).

Moses had to really cry out for victory with uplifted hands and standing on a mountain top, in order to turn the battle to Israel's advantage. So important is this principle of really crying out as synonymous with receiving, that it was put on record: "And the LORD said unto Moses, Write this for a memory in a book" (verse 14).

And in the Book of Ether the LORD says to Jared's brother, "And thus I will do unto thee, because this long time ye have cried unto me" (Ether 1:43 from the Book of Mormon). It did not suffice to just call onto the LORD; Jared's brother had to really cry out with all his might and for a long time before the LORD did hear him.

And in the Hebrew oral tradition Adam, after he was expelled from Eden, had to build an altar to call upon the LORD for a long time, and not become involved in Satan's false religion, and to keep all his covenants before he would receive the object of his calling:

More light and knowledge from the LORD.

This therefore is the Q. B. L.: Light and Knowledge received from the LORD after having really called out for it. And because that light and knowledge was preserved through the ages by its practice and continuing revelation, it also is called the Tradition, or the Ancient or Hermetic Tradition (its details were the subject of the former chapters) which refers to Malkeezdeq, whom the Greeks had [Page A2] called, "Hermes Trismegistos", or the Three Times Great Hermes. Malkeezedeq the Great High Priest (Gen. 14:18) was the supreme master of this heavenly art.

The Q.B.L. also is called the Qablah, with the adjective quabalistic. But the use of this noun must be discouraged because it can be mistaken for the like sounding topics Kbalah, Kbbalah or Cbala which mean "confusion" and which are confusions - and which in this manner have totally corrupted the pursuit and the study of western hermeticism. Please see the next section.

The Kbbalah: A Confusion.

If the meaning of a Hebrew root with a middle consonant that's not a Double Letter, nor one of the guttural letters, must be strengthened, then it is simply doubled. And the same rule applies for Arabic. But because there are no Double Letters in Arabic, the middle consonant always must be doubled in such cases, in order to strengthen the meaning of the root.

For example, the Hebrew root KVL, as well as the Arabic root KBL originally meant, "to twist", as to twist strands of wire into a cable (which of course, is the English, "cable" and the German, "Kabel"), and also to twist metal rods into the links of a chain. And figuratively, to twist matters into an intrigue which we call a "cabal" or in German, "Kabale". The Yiddish verb, "kabbeln" signifies the agitated but circumspect manner of talking when hatching out a scheme.

And if the meaning there is strengthened, "to really twist", to really make a cable or to really twist matters, then the Hebrew root becomes "KBL" while the Arabic root becomes "KBBL", and the product of this really twisting will be of a very high quality: The chain or cable can be used to tie down things, while the cabal will put people's minds in chains. Thus the strengthened roots as well as the unstrengthened roots have taken on the meaning, "to put in chains", and this means to put a person in chains, literally, as well as to put a person's mind in chains, figuratively, with a confusion.

The Arabic root KBL, KBBL now would engender the nouns Kbalah or Kbbalah, where the tone is on the first syllable in contrast to Hebrew, where the tone is on the ultimate or, as it is in pause, on the penultimate syllable (though these nouns are not used in Arabic nor in Hebrew).

Whatever the case now would be, Kabbalah, Kabalah or Cabala can only mean a confusion, and it has produced whole schools of pseudo-philosophical systems and an immense pseudo-philosophical literature - from the Renaissance onward to this present time.

And so it is this surrogate which has routed the philosophical roots of the original biblical faith when the Christian Church, by composing the confusion of the Kbbalah for the divinely revealed science of the Q.B.L., by these means had passed off to their believers religious mysticism for knowledge, for revelation, and for the gifts of the Spirit.

The two main sources for the Kabbalah are first the "Sifer Yetserah" (the "Book Of Formation") and second, the even more prominent "Sifer HaZZwhar" (the "Book Of The Splendor") which is referred to as, the Zohar.

The Seifer Yetseerah, a mystification, is readily known as a counterfeit by its bloated style and is generally viewed today as such. And besides it has the correspondences between the planets and the Double Letters mixed up (for correct version see Appendix D) and we need therefore not comment on it any further.

But the Zohar is not the original document it claims to be, either. It was [Page A3] penned in Pidgin-Aramaeic (a Hebrew made over with Aramaeic terms) in thirteenth century Spain by one Moses ben Shem Tov de Leon, who then did pass it off as the writings of the legendary second century Rabbi Shim’on bar Yochai.

The major parts of the Zohar were translated into Latin by a Jewish scholar who had embraced the Christian faith, Christian Knorr von Rosenroth, and who was knighted for his merits therein. His KABBALA DENUDATA was printed in Bavaria at the end of the seventeenth century and has kept the goyim busy ever since; it is the source of most of the kabbalistic literature in the West.

Please note that Rosenroth spells "Kabbala" (with a K) - as on the cover of Mathers' English translation  and as a scholar of Hebrew, therefore, he knew that this meant, "Confusion Unveiled" rather than "Tradition Unveiled". He had a good sense of humour - poking fun at those stupid goyim who actually would take this mysterious nonsense (the Zohar and the Seipher Yetseerah) for the real thing, and spill their brains to elaborate on it through the following centuries and should, at last, beget a torrent of attention, of discussions and literature and of articles and books, right now in our modern age. As for example, Gershom Scholem's KABBALAH, and the so-called KYBALION (note K-B-L, meaning a confusion) with (page A2) the ubiquitous New Age garbage, "the legends of the Philosophers' Stone which would turn base metals into Gold, was an allegory relating to Hermetic Philosophy, readily understood (!) by all students of true Hermeticism(!)".

Here we meet that fog of mysticism which must be cleared up, before rolling back the veil of this age of godless reason that has grown in its shade.


Yowdh-Hei-Waaw-Hei: The Ineffable Name Of God.

The auxiliary verb, "to be, to exist" has the root letters HWH, pronounced, Hei-Waaw-Hei which almost is the Name of God! And its intensified (Pi-eil) form is HWWH - with the middle letter doubled - which literally would mean "to really be, to really exist", or "to be, to exist forever" (in an English transliteration this doubling is spelled out whereas in Hebrew script it only appears in pointed (i.e. vowelled) texts as a dot, the dageish, within doubled letters).

Now to really be, or exist has taken on in Hebrew the meaning, "to form, to constitute" - only the one who forms or constitutes has true existence!

These root letters form the second part of the sacred name of God. Whereas its first part, the prefixed Yowdh, is transliterated by a "Y" and signifies the third person singular masculine of the incomplete tense of this verb. Therefore it has got no higher or hidden meaning (like being an "animated" Yowdh) as a few have speculated. It’s just part of the Hebrew grammar, and a table of paradigms of Hebrew verbs will show us the 3rd person singular masculine Pi-eil incomplete tense (he shall form, he shall constitute) transliterated as Y’HaWWH: And here at long last have we found the elusive - the Ineffable Name of God!

The first "H" then was slurred and placed behind the "a" while the doubling of the "W" was dropped - thus we got "YaHWH". But in Latin and in German the J is pronounced as a consonantal Y, and the W ("ve vill vatch TV") will sound like a V:

So the Sacred Name of God has become JaHVH at long last, meaning "He shall be forever, and He shall form and constitute", or Jahvh. Though, if we want to show off our erudition in Hebrew we must correctly pronounce it – Y’hawwh.

For besides, isn't it written (Ps. 91:14), "I will set him on high, because he hath known my name"?

[Page B1]

Appendix B: The Source And The Channels Of The Hermetic Tradition.

The Ancient Tradition: Its Relevance At Present.

As was explained before, the purpose of the Ancient Tradition is to provide the know-how for the perfection of the world, ourselves included. This know-how surpasses that of the present objective science dominated Babylonian system, for it recognizes and affirms an unseen world of Spirit as a spatial presence in and as an extension surrounding all created things.

Its fivefold structure, which mirrors the four phases or realm of creation plus the fifth realm of dead matter below, can thus be simplified and reduced to a twofold structure:

Seen (physical, realm III,IV,V) - and unseen (spiritual, realm I and II).

Now as was detailed in the first two chapters, our Aryan modern world which denies the realm of Spirit and is restricted to dead matter alone, is restricted therefore also in its accomplishments in science, technology, and in medicine.

This has proved most disastrous in the field of health care as we have seen already, and where a universal intelligence which permeates all living things as the ancient men of God had taught, being the source of all life and the root for the empirical methods like chiropractic or homeopathy, is "bunk" to MDs' ears.

And the law of conservation of energy and matter, for example, does hold in a world of dead matter alone. Energy is an outflow of the universal Spirit, and Tesla, Moray, Reich and John C. Roberts amongst others had shown how readily the access to an abundance of cosmic energy can be obtained in a world that includes the Spirit realm.

The same inventors have further discovered the law of artificial gravity, a feat which, likewise, objective physical science shall never accomplish.

The French biochemist, C. Louis Kervran (Biological Transmutations, Beekman Publishers 1980), has shown in a lifetime of research at the University of Paris that processes in nature do not follow the laws of physico-chemistry of the 19th and 20th century: Elemental transmutations are quite customary there. (See article which appears in the following image.)

It is in the laboratory alone, in the world of dead matter, with the Spirit removed, that transmutations cannot happen.

The example on how the realm of Spirit has been put to use successfully for decades already is Dr. Rudolf Steiner's "Biodynamic Farming And Gardening". Dr. Steiner followed the insight that all things have a spiritual counterpart, which must be attended to in their management if success is expected to last.

While "organic" essentially means "no chemistry", it doesn't give the "why" nor the "how" for such a restriction. Biodynamics in contrast is set apart from other methods because it treats the growing of food as an integral spiritual and physical system. And this is in harmony with Christian (John 4:24) and with LDS (Moses 3:7) beliefs.

Biodynamic methods therefore are very competitive with conventional farming procedures, attain superior crops and livestock, and will improve the quality of the soil.

They meet the command to replenish (rather than exploit) the earth, and are recognized as the technology for the food production of tomorrow throughout most of the civilized world.

[Page B2]

The Pietist Societies.

The Ancient Tradition is seen in works of art (e.g. in paintings of Poussin and Guercino and Ren d'Anjou) as the river Alphaeos in beautiful Arcadia, where its course often remains underground or in deep gorges or ravines and from where in the days of the end it shall come forth according to prophecy.

Its name hints at its source, the Alpha and Omega who is the well-spring of this water of life - which also is called the Wisdom of the Just (Lk. 1:17). It is the antipode to classicism, to the heritage of Hellas and Rome which does not know the Name of the LORD. The prime source of the Wisdom of the Just is in the creation record of Genesis as shown in the main section of this treatise.

This wisdom was preserved through the ages - besides by Jewish alchemists - by the members of the pietist, or charitable societies, who followed James 1:27, "to visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world". Now in order to visit, or more correctly, to oversee those afflicted with illness, they knew that they must have the knowledge of the mysteries, for because of the expenses and the horrors of the secular treatments (which has not changed much today as the devastations of orthodox medical cancer treatment show, see also Mk.5:26) they had decided to heal the sick themselves.

So they called upon heaven for this knowledge and searched and studied, and their calling and efforts were answered. For they had kept themselves unspotted from the world by avoiding the snares of greed and fame of the wise and prudent, and they would receive the secrets of eternity.

Goethe, the German philosopher-poet, writes in his eighth book of "Dichtung Und Wahrheit", and also in his diary, how he was cured almost in an instant when he was close to death from advanced pulmonary consumption and from a painful and feverish abdominal infection (apparently an appendicitis) by a Dr. Metz, whom he refers to as "also one of the pious". This was over two hundred years ago.

At that time about twenty years old, Goethe and his friend, Johann Heinrich Merck, a pharmacist who founded the Merck pharmaceutical firm, then were invited to join the society of the pious. They played around with this idea, and Goethe relates some of the society's elementary teachings. Yet at last they lacked the resolve to go on. Only much later did they realize the relevance of this matter and set out to search for it. But its source, their friends of the society, all were in their graves.

The Mystery Of The Cathedrals.

The FOUR WORLDS of the Ancient Wisdom also are seen in the facade – besides in its layout of Nave, Choir, Sanctuary and Tabernacle of the Gothic cathedral of France. There (above the crypt which shows demons and vices, symbolizing our Fifth World of the Illusions) we will see at the west front over the main portal the Messiah as the King of kings, which symbolizes His future rulership over the MATERIA TERTIA, the Fourth World of Perfection and Restoration - a pattern which is repeated in the transepts. The keyword here is Malkhoth or Mlkhooth, which means, Kingdom.

The Fourth World of Perfection, of course, is symbolized by the earth, which shall be made perfect to become His kingdom.

In the next story, right above the portal, there is the rose window or head window. It shows the MATERIA SECUNDA as an orb in the Third Phase of Formation, its keyword being Y’swdh and meaning Foundation: "Mine hand also hath laid the foundation of the earth" (Is.48:13), and that was carried out in the Third Phase [Page B3] of Formation, naturally! And this the Third Phase or Realm of Formation here is symbolized by the moon.

The arcades above the rose window then are the MATERIA PRIMA or the Second World of Creation with its keyword, Tiph-reth - meaning Beauty and Glory: "For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory". Here in the Celestial Realm the Elowhem, the Philosophers of Heliopolis are taking counsel for the creation of the worlds.

That Second Phase and Realm must certainly possess the attributes of beauty and glory, for it is the reflection of the celestial glory of the First Realm of the Beginning and therefore is represented by the sun.

We have found therefore in the masonry of the Gothic cathedral a well-known threefold pattern: The MATERIA PRIMA which manifests the Celestial glory of the spiritual creation, represented by the sun; the MATERIA SECUNDA, which manifests the Terrestrial glory of the terror and trial of forming gross matter, and which is symbolized by the moon; and the MATERIA TERTIA, which manifests the Telestial glory of perfecting and completing (Gr. telo, to complete) the work, symbolized by the planet earth.

The apex of the nave, at last, as well as those of the transepts denote the First Realm of "In the beginning" or b’reisheeth (Gen.1:1) or b’rowsheeth, where the last letter "th" stands for the Hebrew letter "taaw" and means - cross. And the cross will section the "rowsh" which means, head, into four quarters, and so we have the rowsheecross or rosicross, meaning Headquarters. These headquarters therefore are the PRIMA CAUSA - the Beginning or Rosicross, where the Archetypes of all living things are being guarded by the Rosicrucians - who are the eternal guardians of these archetypes or mysteries of creation.

The apex is adorned sometimes with a cross, with a circle around its center (which is the glyph for the Attic letter "tau"), the area of which thus is again sectioned into four quarters, and so that glyph is the symbol for the rosicross, for the headquarters of the Creator God JHWH the LORD: The Alpha and Omega, the Aalef and the Taaw, the Beginning and the End - the PRIMA CAUSA of all things.

Its keyword is Kther, which means Crown, and authority and revelation from on high: PRIMUM MOBILE, Reisheth HaGilgoolem, the Beginning Of The Swirlings!

The Ancient Tradition always is a living tradition, which means two things: First, it's being carried on by groups or societies of living persons and is not just in the books. Second, there must be attached some useful work; theory must be connected to practise, as for example the healing of the sick, the production of food, or the construction of temples.

It is revelation and practise which safeguard the Ancient Tradition against becoming corrupted.

The Ancient Tradition was revealed to man in order to complete the Creation and bring it, himself included, to perfection in its Fourth and Final Phase.

It stands in opposition to humanist and western thought which deny the Name of the LORD, and which are aimed not at the perfection of man: For their end is the glorification of man’s potential and thus in essence, they are violations of the First Commandment.

Now if the apices of Gothic cathedrals, as shown above, represent the First Realm of the Beginning, the Divine Headquarters - then the Crown Tabernacle, the triangle on the face of the attic, right below the apex is the residence of JHWH the LORD - because He resides in a tabernacle which means a tent.

[Page B4]

Please note that the English "attic" is the Aramaic/Arabic/Hebrew "ateq", "ancient" (e.g. Dan. 7:9, "Ateq Yowmen", an Ancient of Days), and again is the English "antique". Therefore the attic of the nave or transept naturally is the Holy of Holies where the Ateq Yowmen, the Ancient of Days resides - and whence revelation and light do proceed.

Enigma In The Desert: The Salt Lake City Mormon Temple.

In the architecture of the historic temple of the Latter-Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah, this is expressed in the cloud stones and rays of light shooting downward out of the clouds: "And the light shineth forth from the darkness; and the darkness apprehendeth it not" (Jn. 1:5).

The cloud stones therefore (besides the temple's six spires) show the First of the FOUR WORLDS, the PRIMA CAUSA, the writ of revelation. And in that manner will they complete the FOURFOLD PATTERN of the Ancient Tradition, which thus has been revealed anew in the temple:

The Earth, Moon, and Sun Stones, and eclipsed by the Revelation Stones.

And there are in the masonry the Ten Laws which Moses abridged into the Ten Commandments. And there further are the Three Pillars of Rulership: The Middle Pillar of Peace through submission to God's will which would represent the faith of Islam; the Right Pillar of Grace and Mercy which would represent Christianity and which the masons know as Ya-kheen ("He shall establish"); and then the Left Pillar of Justice and Strength which would represent Judaism and is known to the masons as Bw-az ("in Him strength").

Also, the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple, like the Gothic cathedral of France is easily recognized as a stone-hewn monument for the Sephirotic Tree of Life - of which its present owners are no longer aware.

As a corollary, we can lay to rest now the issue of the style of the temple as it is clearly Gothic even in the absence of pointed arches, flying buttresses and ribbed vaults. It is the spiritual significance and not the cosmetics which decides whether a structure is in the Gothic style: The divine FOURFOLD PATTERN for the creation of the worlds must be manifest therein.

And thus the masonry of the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple, like its designer Truman O. Angell has explained, and like the Gothic cathedral will show us "some of the great architectural works above".

[Page C1]

Appendix C: The Mormon Connection.

The Age of Aquarius.

Now in order to replenish or perfect the earth, the LORD God sent Adam from the Garden of Eden "to till the ground from whence he was taken", which was done with an oxen-drawn plough. We therefore shall call this age the Age of the Bull or the Age of Taurus. It roughly coincides with the age where during the spring equinox the sun was in the constellation of Taurus, which is an EARTH sign:

Farming and cattle farming was the first process to which man was called in the Age of Taurus in order to begin with the work of replenishing, or perfecting the earth - and not merely to produce food for a living.

The Age of Taurus has left its traces of which our worship of "sacred cows" and the shout of surprise, holy cow!, are proof. Real holy cows still are being worshipped in India where the masses even today live in the age of the bull, and for which cause they cannot progress and conquer their misery.

And so did the Egyptians of Moses' days, whose ignorant priests hadn't seen the cosmic change wherefore Aaron, following their footprints, made a mistake in more than one way when he introduced the Israelites in the desert to the worship of the golden calf: For as we shall learn in the next paragraph, he should have made a golden ram instead!

After the Flood, the second vocation added was that of the sheepherder, and Noah, Abraham, Moses, and the Israelites in general were sheepherders. It was a ram that was presented as a burnt offering to Adonai. This age therefore is the Age of the Ram or the Age of Aries, which roughly is the age where at the spring equinox the sun was in the constellation of Aries, which is a FIRE sign: Adonai comes in fire to Mt. Sinai - and with fire He writes into stone His law.

The Age of Aries culminates in the ministry of Jesus who is both, the Great Shepherd and the sacrificial ram of the Atonement, and whose birth was announced to shepherds first.

The third age begins when Jesus calls the fishermen, Simon Peter and Andrew to become fishers of men (Mt.4:18,19). This age therefore is that of the fishes or the Age of Pisces. It roughly is the age where during the spring equinox the sun was in the constellation of Pisces which is a WATER sign: Remission of sins is by immersion in water - and around water does Jesus pursue his ministry.

The Age of Pisces is an age of seafaring, where the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Mt.10:6) discover and conquer the rest of the world (Deut.32:8). Its elemental force of water unites with that of fire from the fire sign of Aries in the steam engine and ushers in the railroad and the industrial revolution.

The fourth - the present age begins when the Latter-Day Saints irrigate the desert: The Age of the Water Carrier, the Age of Aquarius, where the sun at the spring equinox now is in the constellation of Aquarius. It is an AIR sign. And while traveling over water has the heaviness of the water element, above ground it needs of the lightness of air: The railroad, the motorized car, the airplane and communication via the air waves.

And before the end of this century there will have been revealed an ancient force from the air, which shall make obsolete all conventional sources of energy known to man at present. For it shall descend from the universal Spirit (please see chapter II above) which maintains and enlivens and moves all created things.

Yet the ultimate end of the Aquarian Age shall be waterworks or carrying of [Page C2] water for the replenishment, the perfection and beautification of the earth, and while the water of life which is the good news of the Kingdom and of the healing of the sick - the Glad Tidings shall be carried to the ends of the earth.

And these Four Cosmic Ages my again be viewed as four phases in which this earth shall be brought to perfection:

The first phase is the Age of Taurus with its keynote on the visions of the seers and patriarchs. Very little has come down to us of what had been revealed to them in writings of their own. This therefore is the phase of Revelations or Visions.

In these visions was revealed the Glad Tidings which is the purpose and the plan of Jehovah for the earth and its inhabitants. And the emphasis there is on FAITH in and allegiance to Jehovah - and that is the first principle of the Glad Tidings.

The second phase is the Age of Aries and its keynote on the writings of the prophets. Moses wrote down the content of what had been revealed to himself and to the seers who were before him. This therefore is the phase of Creation which means these writings.

They are the blueprint of Jehovah's purpose, and for his plan for the earth and its inhabitants. And the emphasis here is on REPENTANCE or on the blueprint to renounce this world of the shadows and illusions of a godless science, and to destroy the wisdom of its wise men, and to bring to nothing the understanding of its prudent men: For that here is the second principle of the Glad Tidings.

The third phase is the Age of Pisces and its keynote is on the unfolding of what had been shown in the visions of phase one and is contained in the writings of the prophets from phase two.

This therefore is the phase of Formation where His plan and purpose for the earth will manifest - though it had been corrupted - in the actions of men. And the emphasis now is on BAPTISM (as even the messengers of the false church would destroy the earth's civilizations after first "baptizing" and then disarming and then butchering their people) or on the third principle of the Glad Tidings.

The fourth and final phase is the Age of Aquarius and its keynote is on the Restoration, Perfection and Completion of what had been prepared in the previous phases, such that the original vision shall become manifest in this earth, which then shall be glorified and exalted. And the emphasis here at present should be on receiving the HOLY GHOST and on the priority of its spiritual realm, and that is the fourth principle of the Glad Tidings.

This four-phase system, this categorization of the flow of time on earth is what we shall now define to be History. And any significant historical event or point of consideration must be viewed and analyzed with that fourfold key.

Microcosm And Macrocosm:

Now this report must not be construed for an endorsement of the L.D.S. viz. Mormon faith. But we must give Joseph Smith, its founder, credit for having rediscovered and restored the FOURFOLD STRUCTURE of the joyful message or Glad Tidings: FAITH in, and allegiance to the Creator. Then REPENTANCE which is the blueprint to renounce our world of the shadows and illusions. Then IMMERSION in water to carry out the blueprint. And finally to perfect and finish it all with the power of the HOLY GHOST who is the administrator for that blueprint.

[Page C3]

For here again, we recognize the Theory of the FOUR WORLDS as it applies to the progress of man who is the MICROCOSM - and as which part it is Religion. It stands in contrast, and in correspondence to the other part of the Theory, which applies to the progress of the universe which is the MACROCOSM, and as that part it is Science.

And so here, we have discovered the opposition and synthesis of Science and Religion which is Philosophy. And as its great master was Melkizedeq, or Hermes Trismegistos, it was named for him - in order to set it apart from ancient Greek and other man-made philosophies - Hermetic Philosophy.

And this correspondence, this dualism or polarity shall now be expressed as the FUNDAMENTAL THEOREM OF HERMETIC PHILOSOPHY, and says that the joyful message or Glad Tidings applies to both man and the universe, and thus is the foundation science - The Once And Future Science namely, which has been the subject of this report - for all things.

[Page D1]

Appendix D: The 10 Spheres And 22 Paths - The 32 Influences Of The Q.B.L.

The Ten Spheres.

In the Sefirotic (please remember f=ph) Tree of Life - and we assume in this report that the reader is already familiar with that so-called "Qabalah" - there are the ten Spheres or Sephiroth (S’feerah, S’feerowth), which correspond to ten heavenly bodies, amongst which are sun and moon and the five visible planets and which in turn correspond to the Seven Double Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, and in turn to the Seven Colours of the "King Scale". The correspondences are, with also the colours of the Queen Scale added after a hyphen:

1. Kether (Crown, Authority, Rulership)



2. Chaakhmah (Wisdom)


Light Greenish Blue

3. Binah (Beenah - Understanding)

Saturn, Taaw

Black - Indigo

4. Chesed (Chesedh - Grace, Mercy)
or Gedulah (G’dhoolah Magnamity)

Jupiter, Kaph

Blue - Purple

5. Gevurah (G’voorah Strength, Might)

Mars, Pei

Red - Red

6. Tiphereth (Tifreth - Beauty, Glory)

Sun, Reish

Yellow – Orange

7. Netsach (Firmness, "Victory")

Venus, Daleth

Green - Green

8. Hod (Howdh - Splendor)

Mercury, Beith

Orange - Yellow

9. Yesod (Y'sowdh - Foundation)

Moon, Gimel

Purple - Blue

10. Malkuth (Malkhooth - Kingdom)



We also shall repeat the correspondences between the heavenly bodies and the metals: Sun - Gold; Moon - Silver; Mercury - Mercury; Venus is Copper, and Mars is Iron; Jupiter is Tin; Saturn is Lead; and Uranus is - Antimony. And further, this table shows how to find the Queen Scale from the King Scale:

Saturn's black of outer space lightens to indigo, which is the colour of the high-altitude sky; the Sun and Mercury, as well as Jupiter and the Moon ("once in a blue moon") switch places while Mars and Venus won't change colours at all.

The Seven Days Of The Week.

If we write the Seven Planets in the above sequence - but beginning with the Sun as Planet 0 or P0, we obtain the new sequence:

P0 = Sun, P1 = Venus, P2 = Mercury, P3 = Moon, P4 = Saturn, P5 = Jupiter, and P6 = Mars.

These Planets shall now be considered as the elements of a cyclic group with prime number order 7. And because in any cyclic group of prime number order all elements, with the exception of the neutral element P0 are primitive (viz. their powers generate the whole group), we will now choose P3 as our primitive element and obtain this sequence,

[Page D2]

PO, P3, P6, P2, P5, P1, P4 or Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn,

or in plain English, we always have skipped two planets in the original sequence and have so obtained the sequence of the days of the week,

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,

derived from the order of the planets in the Sephirotic Tree of Life.


The Twenty-Two Paths.

The Twenty-Two Paths, or Mesilloth (M’sillah, M'sillowth - Path, Course) are lines that connect the Ten Spheres in the Tree of Life. They also correspond to the Twenty-Two Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. These twenty-two letters are the sum of Three Mother Letters, corresponding to the Three Formative Elements (Alef - Air, Meim - Water, and Sheen - Fire); Seven Double Letters as outlined above; and Twelve Single Letters (and not 'simple' letters - Single Letter means single pronunciation only) which represent the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac:

Hei is Aries, Waaw is Taurus, Zayin is Gemini, Cheith - Cancer, Teith - Leo, Yowdh - Virgo, Laamedh - Libra, Noon is Scorpio, Saamekh is Sagittarius, Ayin is Capricorn, Tsaadei is Aquarius, and Qowph is Pisces.

The Thirty-Two Influences.

The Q.B.L. presents the Ten Spheres, with the Seven Movable Heavenly Bodies, the Three Formative Elements, and the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac to be Celestial Influences - or Signs and Constellations which in Hebrew is, Mazzaloth (Mazzal, Mazzalowth). So we have Ten Sepheroth and Twenty-Two Meslloth, and their sum of Thirty-Two Mazzaloth.

Now the Books (as we saw in Section A2) haven't just jumbled the FOUR WORLDS or adulterated the name of the subject into ‘Kabbalah’ and thus jumbled also the languages of Hebrew and Arabic: For they would care so little about their field of endeavor that they didn't bother to learn the basics even of Hebrew, and thus they've jumbled Mesllah and Mazzal into ‘Mtzlah’, and have been using it as a plural form (rather than, 'Metzloth') and they are writing and talking about the 22, resp. 32 ‘Paths’, or 'Metzlah' - and the 10 Sephiroth aren't even paths! The notion to see them as paths to higher consciousness - i.e. to the State Hospital and to insanity - is just another example of the ubiquitous New Age garbage that has been floating around in these days.

For a higher consciousness can be attained, at this present state of man, by becoming conscious of the laws of Creation alone as they were given to us by the Creator, and as they are set forth in the previous pages.

[Page E1]

Epilogue: The Ancient Tradition - The Laws Involved.

Tauhara Hall.

In February 1968, Frater Albertus gave a lecture, "Ancient Orders" (reprint ESSENTIA, Autumn 1983) at Tauhara Hall, an affiliation of the Golden Dawn in New Zealand, which he concluded with the following words (emphasis ours):

"Men like Franz Hartman, Surya, Bernus, Chilar and the like, known in the occult world for their various contributions, are not among us anymore. Others have not taken their places as was commonly expected by many ...

It is indeed a sad picture to conceive the future when those to take over are not qualified enough to be at least the equal of those who relinquish such positions of trust. Those following should become even superior to their predecessors by building upon the knowledge which is theirs by right of succession.

If such leaders to come will have to probe again into rituals and ceremonies, the time has just not come to make known again what the entire world is waiting for, namely to have the laws revealed whereby men may become masters over their destiny. Unfortunately this search still goes on among so-called brotherhoods and fraternities who lack the teachers of this wisdom to prove the laws involved by actually demonstrating their validity on both planes of manifestation according to the Law of Polarity.

As long as any order cannot produce a teacher or teachers who can demonstrate this ancient wisdom they are not in valid association with the ancient orders - manuscripts and documents notwithstanding."

Secrets Of The Rosicrucians.

This heading is the title of the original German edition (GEHEIMNISSE DER ROSENKREUZER) of the report A ROSICRUCIAN NOTEBOOK (Samuel Weiser 1992) by Willy Schroedter. It shows the very advanced know-how of universal laws which various hermetic societies had possessed - most impressive the chapter "Transmutation", with the account on Benjamin and Abraham Jesse, which also is abridged in Raphael Patai’s THE JEWISH ALCHEMISTS (please see chapter I in the main section).

It should be noticed that all of these hermetic societies were Rosicrucian orders although they would never use this name. The first mark of a Rosicrucian order is never to refer to themselves as Rosicrucian: The term "Rosicrucian" does not derive from the rose but is the name of the authoritative source of all knowledge and wisdom (as we have already seen in "The Mystery Of The Cathedrals" in Appendix B) in a transliteration from the Hebrew language.

Willy Schroedter's book does set a standard by which contemporary occult or esoteric organizations shall be measured: It exposes their pitiful ignorance of even the most fundamental hermetic law as well as their want of the achievements and the powers thereof. Neither can they transmute the elements, nor would they generate power from the eternal source, nor will they heal the sick, nor prevent old age, and they will die of these scourges like all the rest of mankind.

So before they would deceive others they had first deceived themselves, and produced a fog of mysticism which wallows up with fancy names - the "Ancient and Hermetic Order Rosae Crucis", and other "Rosicrucians", and the "Brotherhoods of Light" and of "Wisdom" and "Churches of Light" and of "Science" and of "Oneness" and the "Keepers of the Arcanum", and "Agartha’s School of Enlightenment".

[Page E2]

This latter group now has got the disputable merits of having brought up to date the Teilhardian (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J.) modernist trap for the Protestants and Mormons - under the guidance of an Irish Jesuit priest, scholar and commissioner of the Holy See - to the "Quantum Age": Which means to contemporary positivistic physics - like Relativity, Quantum, and String Theory.

Further, there's the "Kabbalah Association", and the "Merlinist Order", the "Gnostic Order of the Ascended Masters", the "Fraternity of the Hidden Knowledge", and the "Order of the Golden Sunset", the "Lectures in Miracles", the "School of Hermetic Studies", the "Fellowship of St. Germain", a "Collegium Rosicrucianum", the "Morning Star", the "Adepts of the Celestial Foresight", the "Practitioners of the Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness", the "Masters of the Vortex for the Transmutation of the Elements", the "Order of the Temple of Mizraim", the "Foundation for Higher Spiritual Knowledge", the "Temple of Lord Maraya", a "Council of the Violet Flame", the "Alchemists of White Powder Gold", and - there also is the mysterious "Great White Brotherhood"!

Now as Wilhelm Reich has shown in his CHARACTER ANALYSIS, all such forms of mysticism will program their victims into a state of pathological armouring of perception. This then severs the mind from correctly assessing reality and will be perceived by the patient as "enlightenment" who in this manner has acquired a "higher self" as opposed to the ordinary or "lower self" - the lead phase toward a compartmentalization of the mind: Disassociative Identity Disorder, or D.I.D.

And so today - to quote Frater Albertus again - the search goes on for that elusive ancient wisdom and for the laws involved therein: "It is indeed a sad picture to conceive the future when those to take over are not qualified enough to be at least the equal of those who relinquish such positions of trust. Those following should become even superior to their predecessors by building upon the knowledge which is theirs by right of succession . . . to make known again what the entire world is waiting for - namely to have the laws revealed whereby men may become masters over their destiny":

These Laws of Creation - they are the Secrets of the Rosicrucians.

Thus to disperse the fog of mysticism and roll back the veil of this age of godless reason by eradicating the monopolies of a racist, of a white supremacist inferior Aryan scientific world view, and of classical (and pedophile) humanism, which had plunged mankind into its abyss of godless and mindless thought that is the root of all its evils, and to demonstrate the ancient wisdom and to complete the Unfinished Workpiece, and to reveal those Laws of Creation whereby men shall become masters over their destiny, and as they have been presented here in these foregoing pages:

That's why this report, THE ONCE AND FUTURE SCIENCE, must now be brought to public attention on the Internet at the website

which has been accessible since August 14, 1999.

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Platonic Sodomy: THE ESSENTIAL PLATO - Passages From The Symposium.

"The greatest Blessing for a young boy I can name is to find a good lover, and for a lover a good boy".

"Achilles had learned from his mother that he would die at Troy if he killed Hector; if not, he would die at home of old age. Nevertheless, he dared to avenge his lover Patroclus and chose not merely to die in his place but to follow him into death. Hence the gods extreme admiration and honor for him: He had considered his lover to be so important. That's why the gods honored Achilles and sent him to the Isles of the Blest".

Remark: The Iliad narrates how Menelaus', the king of Sparta's wife Helen was stolen by Paris, the son of the Trojan King Priam, and taken to Troy. Menelaus gets his brother Agamemnon, King of Greece, to organize an expedition to capture Troy and return Helen to her husband Menelaus. But they must secure the aid of Achilles, the greatest fighter of his day. For Troy has Hector who was then the second greatest fighter.

And Achilles has got a reason to go: For Hector had slain his boy lover Patroclus (most Iliad editions refer to Patroclus as just Achilles' friend) whom Achilles wants to avenge. Thus, Helen apparently was the pretext: Menelaus and Agamemnon want the spoil of Troy, and Achilles wants vengeance.

And for living up to and dying for that great pagan classical Greek virtue of pederasty, the gods let Achilles go to the Isles of the Blest: The Greek gods are sodomites and perverts, too - the god of the philosophers is a pervert! Now we see why Jehovah loathes philosophy and paganism: 'Pagan' relates to page, or a boy attendant. Paganism is the religion and ethics of ‘boyism’, or pederasty, and in its resurgence as classical humanism, Platonic sodomy has polluted virtually all of the western upper class. But there is more:

"Common Love is the Love that worthless people love. These love women as much as boys. But Heavenly Love loves boys - Hence men fired by that Love pursue males. In pederasty you can spot the lovers driven by pure Heavenly Love; they start when they begin to get their first beard.

"I think a lover who starts with a boy at that age shows his true intent: To spend his life with him".

"We should force the herd to abstain, as far as we can, from making love to free-born women. These are the lovers that give Love a bad name".

"Men cut from the original male pursue males. As boys they love men and enjoy entwining and sleeping with them because they are slices of the male. These are the best young men, by nature the most masculine. They sleep with men not out of shamelessness, but out of boldness, manliness and courage, because they cherish what resembles themselves. Here is my proof: These are the only boys who grow up fit for politics. When such a man comes of age, he becomes a lover of boys, uninterested in marriage and raising a family, which he does only because custom demands it. As one completely devoted to boy love and male companionship, he'd prefer to stay single and live with boys, cherishing his own kind".

"When, by proper boy love, a man ascends from things here and begins to glimpse the beautiful over there, he has almost reached the final goal".

Remark: In the years before World War Two, the FBI succeeded to nail the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan on a pederasty charge, and he received a long prison [Page E4] term. But he thought that he, like a prominent organized crime figure, should receive preferential treatment in prison, when the warden put him right into his place: "You know", he said, "without the bedsheet, you are just another bum!"

Now this will carry over right to Plato: Without the bedsheet of pederasty Plato was just another bum - and never a great ancient sage and philosopher.

And that holds true also for virtually all illustrious Greek names, as besides Plato - Socrates, Aristotle, Homer, Achilles, etc. These historic child abusers, if they would live today, they'd be in prison, and with the keys thrown away!

It is therefore the proposal of this report to drop the classical education and all traces thereof from our public school and higher education system, and replace it with an introduction into the teachings of the Hebrew Qabalah or QBL, and as set forth here in the earlier chapters. [... to be continued.]


White racial supremacists like Aryan Nations in northern Idaho are quick to point out that western civilization sprung up in Greek antiquity (the worship of which is the religion of the upper class) and that its blessings, like science, technology, art, music, medicine, social manners, education) are the exclusive achievements of Caucasians or whites. And so the white race must be superior to the other ethnic groups and be the (Aryan) master race for the rest of mankind.

White racial supremacism, though, is not a prerogative of Aryan Nations and has been practised and firmly become ingrained in all aspects of public life:

Treatment of diseases is based exclusively on a system of medicine that was developed by whites and all attempts to introduce other systems of healing, like those of Asian, or African, or American indigenous origin, have been brandmarked as "bunk". And their practice has ruthlessly been prosecuted - at the behest of the American Medical Association (A.M.A.) and other hate groups - by federal and state law enforcement agencies (the FDA and state boards of health) as quackery.

The racist war of the A.M.A. against multicultural healing would culminate, at last, in its conviction of an anti-trust violation - which was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court - for conspiring to destroy the profession of chiropractic in U.S. District Court (8-27-87, Judge Susan Getzendanner).

And this tyranny of inferior western thought in action has become known as, besides as white supremacism - as Eurocentrism and is politically incorrect. It further is called positivism, and Cartesian or objective scientific thought, and the "scientific principle". The medical profession in this manner have libeled the multicultural and indigenous methods of healing (by using the N-, G-, H- or K-word) as N and G, and as H(un) or K(raut) medicine.

The first purpose therefore of any corrective action must be to expose this mindset towards illness as hatism and as unconstitutional. For it violates the civil and human rights of ethnic societies other than whites - it is the product of a policy of conceit, of hate and abuse and defamation towards said societies and their cultural attainments. And it must give way to true racial harmony and to true pluralistic and multicultural thought and action - first of all in the media, in education and in law, in health care, and in all the remaining aspects of our public and private life.

This matter has been given first priority by an informal gathering of world leaders at Lake Lanier Island in Georgia (1997), where the Bilderberg conference made racial harmony in association with the promotion of a global multicultural attitude the most important of all the goals for bringing about a better world.

Now racial harmony and multiculturalism won't be, for example, a surgeon of African ethnicity who's the chief of staff at General Hospital. For it would be a practitioner who has been certified in a multicultural or an indigenous system of healing disease as acupuncture (Asian), reflexology (African) or chiropractic (Middle East) who should be in such a position.

Therefore hospitals and HMOs, medical schools, insurance companies and last but not least the FDA, as well as the State Boards of Health must not be allowed to go on with their usurped and abusive denial of multicultural reality.

But they must be forced - if needs be via court order - to take affirmative action and comply with civil and human rights and avail themselves without delay of the whole gamut of global and multicultural methods and approaches to healing of human disease: Just scream "politically incorrect", "racist", "anti-Semitic" and "HOLOCAUST", and "SIX MILLION DEAD" and – "NEVER AGAIN!"

2002 04 30 HK


I.    Electricity.

We shall define Electricity in this paper via its two physical quantities, a Voltage U across a plate capacitor, and a Current I through a wire conductor.

II.    Electric Magnetism.

The Force of Electric Magnetism is generated by a current I through a wire conductor that must be curved, such that it forms a closed loop. This effect was announced in the 19th century by Michael Faraday.

III.    Electric Gravity.

The Force of Electric Gravity is generated by a voltage U across a capacitor with its plates curved, such that they do form an open bowl, a cup, a saucer, a trough, or a Frisbee.

The gravitational force applies in the direction of the apex of the bowl - the hollow concave side pushes, while the convex side pulls - and regardless of polarity: This is the Kessler Effect which was conjectured already by Faraday, but he never thought of curving the plates or using Leyden jars, and therefore he could not prove it.

IV.  The Materia Prima.

The Materia Prima has been rediscovered now as Vacuum Energy by astronomers in their quest for supernovae. It has correctly been named also the Quintessence. The terms, Materia Prima and Quintessence, have been borrowed from ancient Hebrew Hermetic Philosophy, the Q.B.L. Its adulterated (and unusable) form is known today as the so‑called Qabalah.


It was the anti‑Semitic sentiment of the Italian Renaissance and of the Age of "Enlightenment" that has suppressed ‑ and still does suppress ‑ public awareness of the Materia Prima and of its source, which is the Almighty God.


In order to visualize ‑ or better to conceptualize this Materia Prima, we shall now take a step outside of objective physical science, and assume our three‑dimensional world to be embedded in a higher dimensional space ‑ the Ether, which is no longer mathematicizable, for it is negentropical.


Which means that it is a world of forces and powers, of random bursts of multidirectional storms and streams, flames and whirls which somewhat do spill over into our real world, where they exert pressure on and are attenuated by passing through ordinary gross matter -- which is the cause for ordinary gravity.  Electrostatic attraction, though, appears not to be the result of an attenuation of the ether wind.


If we could catch these power streams of the ether unidirectionally in a sail, and turn them into propulsion ‑ that sail would be our key to artificial gravity and an unlimited source of cosmic energy.


And according to the Kessler Effect (resp. the Faraday Conjecture) that sail is the plate capacitor, or any stratum of a high voltage gradient which is cup or saucer shaped and Faraday just missed the cup shape. For he should have built an Ether‑Wind Anemometer with Leyden jars in place of a wind anemometer's metal cups.


Indeed, he could have taken an ordinary wind anemometer with metal cups, insulate it from its mounting and put it on a high electrostatic charge. The resulting voltage gradient (the potential surfaces follow the boundary condition of the metal cup) shows cups which would have caused the anemometer to turn if the voltage had been high enough.


Now the Materia Prima was defined in Chapter Two of our report in the context of the Theory of the FOUR WORLDS ‑ the New Science ‑ which we shall summarize here once more:


1. The PRIMA CAUSA, the First Great Cause, the Seed, which holds in heaven the Archetypes of all of the Creation.


2. The SECUNDA CAUSA or Second Cause, the Seedstone: That is the Materia Prima ‑ the Blueprint and Will of God for all of the Creation. It is what we really mean when we speak of the "Quintessence" of something ‑ it is the will of God concerning that something. The mental mastery of the Materia Prima is beyond human reason, and therefore beyond the grasp of objective science ‑ and beyond the grasp of mysticism.


It involves the Law of Polarity, and to know good from evil; and reject the evil, and persistently choose the good.


The Materia Prima is a world of Vision and of Power and those who would enter there must forsake the vanities of the world, and put their trust in the Almighty God. The Materia Prima or SECUNDA CAUSA is the First Creation ‑ the Spiritual Creation, in the Book of Genesis.


3. The TERTIA CAUSA or Third Cause is the Materia Secunda, the third of the FOUR WORLDS. Here the Three Elements Fire, Water and Air will form the physical world from the chaos in the image of the Blueprint and are hostile to modern man who has entered there in defiance of that blueprint, in defiance of the will of God.


The TERTIA CAUSA or Materia Secunda now constitutes the Second Creation ‑ the Physical Creation or Formation, in the Book of Genesis.


4. The QUARTA CAUSA or Fourth Cause is the Materia Tertia, and it comes into being when the Fourth Element Earth fixes, viz. perfects the Materia Secunda (the physical creation) in the image of its Blueprint (the Materia Prima). Namely when the workpiece is sufficiently perfected or finished, then it can soak up its blueprint, and we have obtained thus Materia Prima and Materia Secunda, joined into one: And that is the Materia Tertia, or QUARTA CAUSA.


To finish, in this manner, the Creation of the earth is the Third Creation ‑ the Completion. And this completion of the earth is man's purpose there.

V.     Boundless Cosmic Energy And The Stock Market Crash.

It should be clear to even the casual observer that the public, becoming aware of "free energy" will not alone crash the energy stocks (which anyway are about to crack) but will catastrophically crash all the stocks of the world, and make a laughing stock of our scientists and bring on the promised world‑wide economic collapse, and will smite and destroy the council of the nations (Ps.33:10):

"For I shall destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I shall bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent" (Isa. 29: 14).


The principle of using vacuum energy described above is not the only one which already is in limited use ‑ the Swiss ML‑Converter, (pictured at right) has  also been in use for decades. But electric gravity is the easiest to understand as well as to use ‑ any technically skilled high school kid can understand it and build a demonstration model. For the Scripture shall be fulfilled: Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength (Ps. 8:2).



Summary And Conclusion.


So this report for the time being must suffice to be the philosophical basis and a reminder just for that final command given to the members of the Christian churches ‑ from their own holy book, Revelation, chapter 18 ‑ and whose leaders should be well aware of their impending doom from this passage:

... Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues ... reward her as she rewarded you and double unto her double according to her works: In the cup which she has filled fill to her double ... she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the LORD God who judgeth her. ... And the kings of the earth ... shall bewail her and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning."


"Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces".

"Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver and the gold, broken to pieces together and became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors; and the wind carried them away that no place was found for them".


"And the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth" (Daniel 2:34,35).


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