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Appendix C: The Mormon Connection.

The Age of Aquarius.

Now in order to replenish or perfect the earth, the LORD God sent Adam from the Garden of Eden "to till the ground from whence he was taken", which was done with an oxen-drawn plough. We therefore shall call this age the Age of the Bull or the Age of Taurus. It roughly coincides with the age where during the spring equinox the sun was in the constellation of Taurus, which is an EARTH sign:

Farming and cattle farming was the first process to which man was called in the Age of Taurus in order to begin with the work of replenishing, or perfecting the earth - and not merely to produce food for a living.

The Age of Taurus has left its traces of which our worship of "sacred cows" and the shout of surprise, holy cow!, are proof. Real holy cows still are being worshipped in India where the masses even today live in the age of the bull, and for which cause they cannot progress and conquer their misery.

And so did the Egyptians of Moses' days, whose ignorant priests hadn't seen the cosmic change wherefore Aaron, following their footprints, made a mistake in more than one way when he introduced the Israelites in the desert to the worship of the golden calf: For as we shall learn in the next paragraph, he should have made a golden ram instead!

After the Flood, the second vocation added was that of the sheepherder, and Noah, Abraham, Moses, and the Israelites in general were sheepherders. It was a ram that was presented as a burnt offering to Adonai. This age therefore is the Age of the Ram or the Age of Aries, which roughly is the age where at the spring equinox the sun was in the constellation of Aries, which is a FIRE sign: Adonai comes in fire to Mt. Sinai - and with fire He writes into stone His law.

The Age of Aries culminates in the ministry of Jesus who is both, the Great Shepherd and the sacrificial ram of the Atonement, and whose birth was announced to shepherds first.

The third age begins when Jesus calls the fishermen, Simon Peter and Andrew to become fishers of men (Mt.4:18,19). This age therefore is that of the fishes or the Age of Pisces. It roughly is the age where during the spring equinox the sun was in the constellation of Pisces, which is a WATER sign: Remission of sins is by immersion in water - and around water does Jesus pursue his ministry.

The Age of Pisces is an age of seafaring, where the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Mt.10:6) discover and conquer the rest of the world (Deut.32:8). Its elemental force of water unites with that of fire from the fire sign of Aries in the steam engine and ushers in the railroad and the industrial revolution.

The fourth - the present age begins when the Latter-Day Saints irrigate the desert: The Age of the Water Carrier, the Age of Aquarius, where the sun at the spring equinox now is in the constellation of Aquarius. It is an AIR sign. And while travelling over water has the heaviness of the water element, above ground it needs of the lightness of air: The railroad, the motorized car, the airplane and communication via the air waves.

And before the end of this century there will have been revealed an ancient force from the air, which shall make obsolete all conventional sources of energy known to man at present. For it shall descend from the universal Spirit (please see chapter II), which maintains and enlivens and moves all created things.

Yet the ultimate end of the Aquarian Age shall be waterworks or carrying of water for the replenishment, the perfection and beautification of the earth, and while the water of life which is the good news of the Kingdom and of the healing