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Then alone - after having been cleansed and healed - will the people listen to the joyful message: That the Kingdom of God, a righteous government from the heavens is at hand. Because the first concern of a righteous government must be relief and justice for the sick and poor.

In the hospitals of these false churches of organized religion in contrast, defenseless and hapless cancer stricken small children, besides adults of course are being deserted to the horrors and devastations of an ungodly medical system, which knows no Creator God and no spirit, and which suppresses all multicultural approaches to the treatment of diseases - and like this report has noted already elsewhere.

So we may as well forget joining or supporting such churches: The prospect of their treatment of desperately ill human beings is not a joyful message, it's not the Glad tidings - modern medical cancer treatment is living hell! Like the chemo and then radical amputation of a young missionary's, Thomas Anton Wilson's arm and shoulder and his agonizing death, which were touted as a testimony of great faith at a church conference in Salt Lake City.

Now if you, the reader, won't realize that this was not a joyful message - that this cannot be a testimony of faith and, for that reason, will never be the Glad Tidings - then in all likelihood you have been programmed and you will need help! This isn't a testimony of faith - it is doublespeak! Are such ministers, these elders and priests and apostles and popes - are these missionary sects and churches, like the other hate groups - not devoid of any and all of the gifts of the Spirit which must be the sign of the true congregation?

Organized religion now has run its course, and there's no commission, nor a purpose left for its constituents in the dawn of the new millennium.


Microcosm and Macrocosm: The Fundamental Theorem of Hermetic Philosophy

However we must give Joseph Smith, the founder of the LDS Faith, credit for having pointed out and restored the FOURFOLD STRUCTURE of that joyful message or Glad Tidings - FAITH in and allegiance to the Creator - then REPENTANCE, or the blueprint to renounce the world of the shadows and illusions - then IMMERSION in water to carry out the blueprint. And finally to perfect and finish it all with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, who is the administrator for that blueprint.

For here again we acknowledge the FOUR WORLDS as they apply to the progress of man who is the MICROCOSM - and in contrast and correspondence to the universe which is the MACROCOSM.

And this correspondence, this dualism or polarity shall now be expressed as the Fundamental Theorem of Hermetic Philosophy, and says that the joyful message or Glad Tidings applies to both man and the universe, and this is the foundation science - the once and future science namely, which has been the subject of this report - for all things.