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Mark W. House

13711 NE 10th Place
Bellevue, WA 98005
United States



Accomplished web designer with 2 years of experience in site building, graphic design, marketing, and maintenance. Excellent communications skills facilitate teamwork and input during design and production process.


Olympic College, Bremerton, WA. 1 year Philosophy, Music, 1976.

GED, U.I.A.T.F., Bremerton, WA. 1990. Griffin Technical College, Computer Science 1 year, 1991.

B.S. Degree, Parachemistry, Denton, Texas Tioga Springs, 1992.

Work Experience

Integrity Marketing Services (IMS)
07-02-97 - current/present
Market research and recruiting for Microsoft, Applied Voice Technology. Resposible for Playtest recruiting for Entertainment Division of Microsoft and market research for Microsoft.
Attune, Inc. Telemarketing Research
01-06-97 - 06-05-97
Market research for Microsoft, Applied Voice Technology, Siemans, and Rightfax.
Responsible for lead generation calls.
Frequently contacted MIS Directors, Network Administrators, and Internet Service Providers.
Conducted surveys regarding Microsoft Products i.e., NT, Technet services, IIS, MSDN services.
Internet Consulting Home Business
05-10-96 - Present
Offering advertising space, upgrades, etc. on Internet Yellow Pages.
Selling webservices i.e., Web site design, homepage construction, search engine subscription.
Direct mailing, customer service, classified ad services.
Email, fax, and marketing consulting.
Contemporary Services Corporation
1991 - Present
Event Staff for crowd control agency,
Protection of artists, musicians, sports figures.
All night or day surveilance of customer properties.
Barricade duties, checking identification, taking tickets, assigning seats.
Cafe Pacifica
04-02-96 - Present
Make and serve espresso drinks,
Customer service,
Money managment,
Open and close espresso shop.


Honorary BS Degree, 'Chymicus Hermeticus', Parachemistry - 1992 Tioga Springs, Denton Texas

Male Vocal Inspirational Award 1974


Member, HTML Writers Guild 1996-Present

President, Akashanet Internet Consulting Services