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Elixir of the Sun

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By A.M.W. House

We are witnessing today the restoration of natural medicine, Homeopathy, Oriental methods of medicine, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic practices, and finally Alchemy as the former arts blossom and maturate once again, bringing new hope into view for the future as Holistic alternative health care.

All disciplines of "Holistic" methodology, will eventually incorporate true Spagyric, Alchemic, and other preparations of medicine, which address this fine point at last. Then we will see a vital reform in health care and realize long needed changes in the general practice of medicine in this country. Like all difficult changes, this reformation won't occur in America overnight, but only after much human thought, experimentation, and lawful demonstration. The great Paracelsus has said, "Man's body is bound up with medicine and ruled by it." So it follows that we need excellently prepared medicines that restore vitality to our bodies. The American Medical Association, which is genuinely skilled in technical surgery today, and is proficient at emergency and life saving procedures, is challenged by strong contenders to withdraw all synthetic and harmful drugs, to replace these problem drugs with natural holistic preventatives, and nutritional supplements. The A.M.A. are charged to provide preparations which cure and heal, rather than treat only symptoms. Doctor's intervention, removing organs, and tissues from bodies by many unnecessary surgeries, must be checked and controlled.


"The alchemical concept of life and matter lies at the opposite pole of that of the current scientific community. Science is trying to find out how matter created life. Alchemy affirms that, at the origin, there is consciousness. Consciousness is the need to Be of the Absolute. In order to satisfy this need, consciousness created life, and in order to evolve life, created matter."

"This "vital pressure" is omnipresent in the universe and if a situation is created or a product that is favorable to it, it concentrates and brings matter to life in a form suitable to the three kingdoms, mineral, animal and vegetable.

"The power of this contribution is a function of both the quality of the vessel's "resonance" and its purity. This vital energy will be used by man for healing of his body in spagyrics and if, through alchemy, this energy is brought to a higher level, it will heal the subtle bodies of man, who will then be initiated in the highest sense of the word.

"The alchemical and spagyric healing principle is based on the following principle: The cause of the illness, whether animal, vegetable or, to a lesser degree, mineral comes from the fact that the animating, original energy progressively becomes corrupt and loses its purity and its primitive power through its relation, its incorporation into matter."

It is the alchemists goal in the scheme of evolution, to transform the work of Nature beyond the point of her departure in raising substance to the various degrees she brings them to. In alchemy, we are acting in accordance with natural law by raising the vibrational numbers of substance to new heights. This raising of vibrations in substance includes ourselves as consciousness evolves through the intaking of purified and elevated substances. Since all disease originates in the blood, purification of the blood is essential for excellent health, as well as the reestablishment of its delicate bio-electrochemical balance.

Trace elements of minerals (salts) and metals are in our blood, which act as resistors to the energy of the life forces. This resistance creates a field of force emanating its composite spectrum (from the ionic stage to the molecular stage) of resonate frequencies. This field is known as a person's "fundamental aura."


"When the (essential) elements contained in the (prepared) salts come into contact with the various elements contained in the body a sympathetic, or antipathetic, as the case may be, response is awakened and the protoplasmic substance of cells is thrown into a state of agitation which repolarises the chains of molecules, restoring thereby the normal flow of nervous and vital currents which have been short-circuited and blocked."

Our blood carries sulphur, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and sodium. Also molybdenum, iron, iodine, cobalt, copper, manganese, zinc, aluminum, gold, silver, mercury, tin, lead, antimony, fluorine, boron, cadmium, vanadium, selenium, and chromium traces. Much of these latter are not wholly understood even today.

Initially, when we introduce alchemically purified and raised substances, minerals, (salts), sulfurs (oils), and mercuries (alcohols etc.) - (Note: alkaline salts from plants contain potassium, calcium, sodium, silicon, phosphorus, and magnesium, as well as traces of other metals in them) into our body, we are replacing the lower vibrations of the substances of minerals. The raised minerals of our blood act as resonators, which capture and couple with octaves of higher, pristine electromagnetic and telluric currents of interstellar space, and the Earth. From this relational interaction, we naturally draw cosmic nourishment directly from the incoming and outgoing currents.


The term "spagyric" is derived from two Greek words - spao; to separate, and ageiro; to unite. A further qualification of this term is to - separate, purify, and reunify. In all kingdoms of Nature there are three essential, tangible vehicles or parts of any matter form.

They are the body (salt), soul-consciousness (sulfur - oil), and spirit - energy (mercury - alcohol etc). These three may be separated from matter, purified individually and sagaciously recombined together to form a wholistic medicine, thus influencing the body, soul, and spirit of individual men and women. We are 3 in 1; body, mind, and soul, physical, mental, and emotional. We must make a conscious effort to change the imperfect, to place into our other bodies the "concentrates" that will impart the "energies" we want to work for us.

The three essentials contained in substance can be obtained as tangible polarities of energy on a (Ph) scale between, acid or alkaline, (+) positive or Fixed molecular, (-) negative or unfixed ionic, or as a neutrally charged quantity/quality. The essentials have their effects on the following. Mercury - spirit; mental movement, blood, spinal fluid, and semen. Sulfur - oil; nerves and glands. Salt - Mineral salt; effects the bones, skin, hair, and teeth.

Here Jean Dubuis, founding President of the former 'Les Philosophes de la Nature' i.e. The Philosophers of Nature, France, explains: "Spagyrics and alchemy are often confused for they share common concepts and methods, but while we may regard spagyrics as part of alchemy, there is a difference in intention between them as well as a divergence in the method used in practice. "Spagyrics essentially deals with bodily health. It is not an initiatory pursuit, whereas alchemy is the medicine of the "soul" and its true goal is initiatory. Spagyric operations (preparations), particularly operations of the vegetable kingdom, do not require a specific state (of energy, consciousness) from the operator. "The link between work-matter and operator is weak. On the contrary, in Alchemy, the bonding between matter and operator is very strong, and no one can transmute anything if he/she hasn't transmuted themselves first. In Alchemy, the psychic quality of the operator is essential."

"There is another important difference in the principles guiding the methods used in spagyrics and the ones used in alchemy. Spagyrics, like her daughter homeopathy, does not consider healing to be the result of chemical actions, but considers that energies, for which bodies are the vessels, are responsible for the healing.

"Homeopathy strives to "activate" the energy by eliminating the vessel. Spagyrics purifies the vessel (body or matter form) in order to eliminate the toxic part and then creates in the body a state of resonance that increases the level of energy considerably. Alchemy also purifies matter and its energies, but in addition - and this is the essential difference - it accelerates the evolution of matter." Correct hermetical diagnosis and proper dosage of polarities of medicines requires a guide or teacher, and experience. Spagyric, defined further is the use of alchemical working methods for the production of medicines.

Alchemy is the future of "energy medicine," or, "wholistic medicine." The popular expression "energy medicine," is a realization of the simple yet only fragmentary empiric knowledge of "energy" in the human organism. The introduction of microwatts of energy (due to the active catalyzing enzymes in fresh foods) through diet/nutrition, differs in the sense of quantity and quality from concentrated supplements as produced by Alchemical methods. 3"There is a law in physics which, simply stated, says that all matter is transparent to energy except that matter which is in resonance to it (energy) and that the energy will be imparted to that body of matter. In Alchemy it's stated that oz. of prepared medicant is equal to 20 lbs. of raw material from which it is made. It would seem that we are concentrating these "energies" and then placing a very small and acceptable amount in our bodies to help refine it."

Energy, or work acting as a causative principle animating movement in phenomena, is the intangible, volatile, vigor of the life force and matter is the fixed, opposite of the polarity in which all life is merged.

The alchemist of nature converges in mind and heart with this dual sentience which is really one = prima energy source. Work divided by time = Power. Voltage times amps = Watts. Voltage divided by resistance = Amps. Thoughts and emotions = Voltage. Energetic patterns = Electromagnetic spectrum. It is this very recognition of energy in matter, and its precise liberation from substance/matter (subtle and solid), that alchemy is concerned with. For personal reintegration of spiritual/physical harmony of health and growth, alchemy offers spiritus mundi - the spiritual nitre of the air. This prana, or negatively charged electricity feeds the chi, in bodies.

Therefore, the chief aim of all therapeutic methods should be directed towards the preservation, restoration, and regeneration of electrical potentials, for it is the electrical potential of an organism that holds the key to the solution of the miracle of cures.

Already, in Europe and in Asia, alchemical preparations are applied as a standard practice. A significant number of homeopathic pharmaceutical companies in Europe today are reported to be using spagyric and or alchemical methods for some of their preparations.

The New German Medical Association has recently adopted alchemical preparations to be called henceforward, "Psycho-spiritual" drugs in an apparent recognition of the diversity of modern day practices in "Para-pharmaceuticals."


The condition of a sick person is always a condition of disorder, the proportions of the organism no longer being in balance. The disturbed balance is either due to a deficiency or to an excess. Owing to the disturbed balance, the organism becomes prone to disease. By organism we here understand not only the physical constitution but also the etheric, astral, mental, and so forth.

A healthy organism in equilibrium ("a well balanced organism") has greater resistance to infections; it knows how to defend itself in a natural way. An organism with a deficient balance finds it harder to resist attacks. It is like the control equilibrium in Oriental martial arts.

What the sick organism lacks-for instance, minerals, vitamins, energies, trace elements, catalysts, and so on-must be supplied to it from outside, for example, from the plant, animal, or mineral world. What is present in excess must be broken down, driven out, or neutralized.

All the great classical schools of medicine consider right balance the foundation of health. Chinese medicine stresses the necessary right proportion between the principles of Yin and Yang as well as between the elements fire, earth, metal, water, and wood as a decisive for health. If the right proportion among these is disturbed, order is restored with both medicaments and acupuncture, or acupressure. This is the reason why acupuncture has always been called a therapy of order.

In the view of the Indian Ayurvedic medicine, the proportion between the dosas, the dhatus, and the malas as well as the mahabhutas is decisive for the state of health. The three dosas, Vayu (Pneuma, air), Pitta (Chole, gall), and Kapha (Phlegma), Whose true significance is to be understood in a much wider sense than their names, are above all responsible for the physico-chemical and physiological processes of the body, while the dhatus play the principle role in the formation of the body cells. The malas are substances that are partly absorbed within the body and are partly eliminated in the form of feces, urine, and sweat after they have played their part. Each of the dosas contains the five mahabhutas (protoelements). They are Akasa (space), Vaya (air), Agni (fire),Jala (water), and Prithvi (earth).

For obvious reasons, the Ayurvedic teaching already formulated a highly developed science of nutrition in the earliest times, which is still valid today. The teachings of Ayurveda were carried by Buddhist monks to other parts of the world. It strongly influenced Chinese as well as Greek and Arab medicine. Tibetan medical science is also founded on it.

According to the views of ancient Greek medicine, too, the proportion between the fluids must be in balance. Hippocrates emphasizes this point in his humoral therapy. An accurate diagnosis is a basic requirement for all of these systems. The disease is always viewed in connection with the constitution of the patient. A famous Ayurvedic physician formulated it thus: We establish contact with each disease only through the patient.

Patented broad spectrum diagnoses are rarer in these therapeutic systems; mostly individually prepared preparations are administered. The defective balance of the organism becomes noticeable in various ways: a change in the body temperature, the condition of the different pulses which are felt at different spots, both on the surface and in depth, the condition and color of the skin, the eyes, the voice, the gait, the gesticulation, and the analysis of the urine and the blood are pointers.

In occult medicine, the examination of the horoscope or the diagnostic pendulum-a doorway to the unconscious-is also used.

If man does not try hard to recover his balance, a balance with himself, with his fellowmen, nature, and God, his life will become ever more misguided. This can already today be recognized by many symptoms of modern art, including the medical art.

The medicine of the future must find its way back to a great synoptic view; Where the Solve only is achieved and not the Coagula, no true masters can emerge. Genuine alchemy belongs to the most precious and grand traditions, in comparison with which many concepts of modern science and technology appear spiritually impoverished.



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