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Growth Factors Complex

Growth Factors are extracted from a natural source using a chemical free, alcohol free process. Alcohol, most often used as the extraction medium, inhibits the availability of many growth factors. This unique product uses a patent pending water soluble extraction technique creating a safer, more biologically active source of growth factors including Insulin Growth Factors (IGF) and Transforming Growth Factor (TGF).

IGF-1 increases physical performance, mental abilities, and physical endurance. It increases lean muscle mass, reduces fat, builds bone mass, and increases wound and injury healing. IGF-1 is critical for the growth and development of nerve cells. It is important in cellular communication and optimizing cellular and physiological functioning. As we age our levels of IGF-1 decreases, while the bodyís dependence on it increases.

According to Dr. Ronald Klatz, IGF-1 is ten times more potent than Human Growth Hormone (HGH), so presumably you could get the same anti-aging effects at a much lower dosage.  By taking IGF-1 directly, you bypass the pituitary, which may be "burnt out" with aging. It appears even more potent than HGH in its anti-aging action. IGF-1 has also been shown to act in the body in ways that HGH does not. It has similar effects to insulin in the body, as its full name insulin growth factor, suggests. It improves blood sugar profiles in type 2 diabetic patients. High doses of HGH have been shown to increase insulin resistance, but IGF-1 administration actually normalized the insulin resistance in a group of healthy volunteers.

IGF-1 has also been shown to repair peripheral nerve tissue damage by injury or illness. Dramatic regeneration occurred when IGF-1 was used in combination with other growth factors. In studies of animals and cells in culture, it has increased motor activity in the spinal cord.

IGF is found throughout the body and effect every cell to some degree. It is secreted in the liver in response to stimulation by growth hormone (GH) from the pituitary. IGF-1 is a protein of 70 amino acids which was once called somatomedin because it, not growth hormone, is the immediate stimulus for growth of the body. Many cells have receptors for IGF-1, especially cells in the bone marrow where T-cells for immune responses are formed. Division of cells occurs from the binding of IGF-1 to cells with receptors for it stimulating them to move from G1 of the cell cycle to S phase and on to mitosis. IGF stimulates ion flux, glucose transport, amino acid uptake, regulates cell proliferation and promotes cell differentiation. Because of its ability to regulate cell growth IGF is known as a progression factor. IGF helps by enhancing cell specialization.

Transforming Growth Factor or TGF also regulates cell proliferation activated by other growth factors or hormones. It aids in tissue repair, skin cell formation, immune function, and regulation of inflammatory conditions. TGF aids in differentiation of cells, inhibiting unspecialized cell proliferation such as occurs in tumors. It has been shown to effect libido and mood changes.

Growth Factors complex has several specific health enhancing effects. Its cardiovascular effects include increased cardiac output. This effect is especially marked on weak hearts or poor circulation. It increases work capacity, improves sleep and balances appetite, and decreases the rate of muscle fatigue. Growth Factors aid in the homeostatic mechanisms of the body, providing regeneration of tissues and organs, strengthening muscles, and aiding optimum functioning of the immune system.


Deer Antler

Deer Antler has been used in China for over 2,000 years for their powerful health properties. It is collected from male stags without any harm to the deer. The first documented used of deer antler velvet as a health tonic was found on a silk scroll dated at 168 B.C. that described over fifty diseases for which Deer Antler was used. It is traditionally used to tonify the kidneys and for symptoms such as difficult erections, cold extremities, soreness, lack of strength in the lower back and knees, and frequent, copious clear urination. It is mentioned as benefiting the essence and blood, and strengthens the sinews and bones. (Bensky 1986)

Although widely acclaimed as an aphrodisiac due to its powerful ability to regulate sexual function and tonic effects on the body, this is only one of the wide ranging benefits associated with the use of velvet. For centuries itís been used to effect blood pressure, increase hemoglobin levels, increase lung efficiency, improve recuperation, improve muscle tone and glandular functions, sharpen mental alertness, relieve the inflammation of arthritis and treat stomach ulcers.

It is the prime remedy for promoting endurance, stamina and strength. It also helps combat the symptoms of stress, fatigue and revitalizes the entire system.

The benefits of Deer Antler have been confirmed in many studies. It is appreciated as a safe and natural treatment for:

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Each spring deer antlers grow at incredible speeds on male deer. In winter the antlers reach their final size at which time the cartilage hardens to bone, which has no blood or nerve supply, and is cast off. Then the cycle begins again in spring as the skin around the pedicle regenerates the new antlers. It is during this growth phase that the deer antler velvet is harvested for its medicinal and performance qualities. Within hours of removal, deer are back outside free to graze on open prairie lands.

In New Zealand, deer antler removal is governed by an industry code of practice. The code emphasizes the reduction of stress in deer through correct handling, and velvet removal techniques that prevent injury, stress, or pain.

Dr. Lindsay Matthews, one of New Zealandís prominent animal behaviorists, has studied the behavior of stags during and after velveting at the Ruakara Research Center in Hamilton. He found that velveted stags displayed no more stress or aversion to the velveting process than unvelveted stags. In addition there was no discernible difference in heart rates and blood stress levels between velveted and unvelveted stags.

New Zealand Deer Farm

Within Hours of the Removal Process  Deer are 

Returned Unharmed To Graze on the Open Prairie Land

Composition of Deer Antler

Deer Antler is composed of 50% amino acids. It also includes chondrocytes, chondroblasts, glucosamine, glycosaminoglycans, erythropoietin, hemotopoietin, trace minerals, chondroiton sulfate A, and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins.

Anti-Aging Properties

Deer Antler contains many constituents that contribute to its wide ranging health effects. Growth Factors derived from Deer Antler, promises to be the most important development in the anti-aging medicine field. Growth factors are stimulated by Human Growth Hormone and released by the liver. Deer antler is a natural source of IGF-1, which can improve muscular development, reduce fat, and increase endurance.

Recent studies in New Zealand have found a wide variety of growth factors present in deer antler; including IGF, Transforming Growth Factor (TGF), Androgen Induced Growth Factor (FGF8), Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP4), and Neurotrophin (NT3). (Francis 1998, Garcia 1997, DeAlwis 1997)

Dr.B.X. Wang, et al, have found deer antler to have significant anti-aging effects because of the presence of Phosphatidyl choline, phosphatidyl ethanolamines sphingomyelin, and the nucleotides hypoxanthine and uridene which are potent at reducing MAO activity.

Dr. Wang also provided evidence that deer antler could promote memory and learning functions through the presence of the polyamines spermine, spermidine, and putrescine which stimulate RNA. He demonstrated that antler extract could increase plasma testosterone in male mice, increase liver protein content, increase liver superoxide dismutase activity, and decrease monamine oxidase activity in the brain.

Deer Antler also contains Chondroiton Sulfate A, an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory agent shown by Dr. Lester Morrison to reverse atherosclerosis and dramatically improve circulation. Dr. Morrison conducted a six year study demonstrating that Chondroiton Sulphate A reduces the incidence of fatal heart attacks and strokes by more than 400%


Improved Athletic Performance

Deer Velvet Link with Athletes

Since the 1930s, Russian scientists have developed and extensively tested the extract from antler velvet known as pantocrin (from the Russian pantui ó the whole velvet antler) and clinical testing results show an overwhelming recurring theme ó there is no doubt that it has a powerful tonic and revitalizing effect on the individual, especially on a person weakened by illness or stress.

The success of Russian athletes has been attributed to the use of deer velvet in Olympic training programs, significantly increasing endurance and muscular strength, and attracting the attention of sports doctors and trainers around the world who are seeking safe and natural alternatives to synthetic steroids.

Dr Arkady Koltun, Chairman of the Medical Committee for the Russian Bodybuilding Federation, is one of the foremost Russian researchers into anabolic agents that can improve the performance of athletes. Working with kayakers, weightlifters, bodybuilders and power lifters, Dr Koltun found that deer velvet actually increases muscular strength ó a property which is termed myotropic. He also found that it had potent nerve strengthening, or neurotropic properties and is beneficial in treating infectious diseases, fatigue and hypertension.

Dr. Kolten revealed that Deer Antler has induced significant increases in endurance as well. After using Deer Antler in the pre-Olympic festival in Russia, two of Dr. Koltunís top kayakers and a world-record holder in canoeing achieved remarkable improved results. These portsman not only stabilized their racing time, but dramatically increased their speed in rowing. All received gold medals and established new world records. These preliminary findings indicate that deer antler velvet may work synergistically with creatine, a popular supplement that builds muscle.

In another study, New Zealand athletes who took deer velvet supplements showed almost twice the improvement of the placebo group in the amount of work they were able to do in a strength test. Twenty-four physical education students participated in a "double-blind" trial, where neither the athletes nor the trial co-ordinator knew which treatment each group was receiving.

The 10 week project was conducted at Otago University and medically supervised by Dr. David Gerrard, sports physician and senior lecturer in sports and medicine, and Dr. Gordon Sleivert, exercise physiologist.

Dr. Gerrard believes "Now weíve developed a scientifically rigorous testing basis. We would like to concentrate on velvetís effect in building endurance and delaying fatigueóa traditional usage of velvet."

The athletes were also tested for changes in body composition using a sophisticated DEXA scanner. Although all students lost body fat as a percentage of their body weight, the group taking deer velvet lost more body fat than the control group.

Deer Antler Extract was tested in athletes running 3,000 meters. 50 men aged 18-23 were compared without any supplement and with 20ml of deer antler extract 30 minutes before the second race. The average time to complete the event was lowered from 14 minutes 48 seconds to 14 minutes 4 seconds. In a second experiment the antler extract was administered for twelve days and the race was rerun. The time to complete the event was reduced in the majority of subjects. Interestingly, improvement in this test was noted in runners who were in the top, middle, and lower categories of the group in terms of initial performance. That is deer antler extract improved the performance of above as well as below average athletes!

New Zealand, Russian and Chinese studies have shown that deer antler velvet may play a valuable role in sports during training, performance, recovery, and in the treatment of injury. Studies indicate that deer velvet supplements may improve athletic performance by increasing strength and endurance, increasing oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, repairing minor tissue damage from exertion, and boosting the immune system of athletes.

Top golfer Bob Charles takes deer antler daily. At the British Open two years ago he said along with healthy eating habits, vitamins, and deer velvet every day kept him feeling young. "I donít feel a day over 30," he said. "Iím 60, going on 30."


Stress Reduction

Experimental research has demonstrated that velvet preparations can protect the body from stress such as heat, cold and electric shock. Russian studies report that patients treated with velvet extract prior to surgery had significantly lower levels of stress indicators in the blood. According to another Russian researcher, Dr Korobkov, velvet extract acts "by accelerating the bodyís natural restorative processes and by increasing the bodyís resistance to unfavorable external influence." Recent Chinese research suggests that velvet preparations showed anti-aging effects by reducing signs of senility, very possibly due to its hormonal effects.


Accelerated Healing Effects In Injuries, Wounds, and Inflammation

One of the outstanding properties of antler velvet is its ability to alleviate the pain of inflammation, such as joint pain, swelling and tissue injury. In studies from Japan, velvet extract has been shown to speed up the healing of damaged nerve tissue, and also aids in the recovery of patients suffering from cervical and whiplash injuries. It has been suggested that the high concentrations of hormone like substances in deer velvet or even the cartilaginous concentration of the antler itself are responsible for the rapid tissue repair after injury.

Over 35 years ago Dr John F. Prudden and other researchers discovered such elements in cartilage as N-Acetyl-Glucosamine, glycosaminoglycans and synoviocytes that have all been associated with accelerated wound healing.


Sexual Enhancement

With Deer Antler


Deer Antlerís potent sexual enhancing properties have been valued throughout Asia for centuries. It balances the hormones necessary for healthy sexual functioning and restores the bodyís reserves of energy depleted by stress or exhaustion. It has the proven ability to increase physical stamina and sexual vitality.

The effects of velvet extract on people with sexual disorders has been widely documented, especially by Russian clinical researchers, with the result that while ginseng used to be famous for treating sex problems in Russian clinics, now velvet extract has taken over for this purpose. It is regarded as one of the most effective known remedies for impotence, increasing the libido and the general sexual function.

Deer Antler has been shown to normalize hormonal function. It is effective in menstruation and menopausal imbalances, as well as demonstrating androgenic and gonadotrophic effects, meaning it helps regulate the function of the sexual organs.

Velvet antler is rich in amino acids and many other nutrients that are vital to the health and sexual well being of the individual. These include precursors for growth hormone, leutinizing hormone (which stimulates the production of testosterone in the testis) and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. It naturally boosts testosterone levels in the body.

When velvet extract was given to young male mice, the weight of their sexual glands increased by up to 50 percent, and it had a measurable effect on mature as well as immature animals.

While the West looks to chemical drugs to treat sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, velvet is widely used for this purpose in China and has been for centuries. While drugs such as Viagra may be a temporary fix, their negative side effects are now becoming more apparent. Shots of testosterone may affect a temporary solution in restoring sexual capacity, but go hand in hand with the possibility of speeding up the decline of the bodyís own production of sex hormone.

Velvet not only increases sexual desire and capacity, but also reduces tension, anxiety and stress, all of which affect sexual performance. It lowers cholesterol levels and normalizes blood pressure, physical causes which can lead to erectile dysfunction. It also builds the blood and improves muscle tone. In fact, velvet builds endurance on every level.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can Growth Factors Oral Spray benefit so many different areas of the body? It seems too good to be true.

    Growth Factors, extracted from deer antler velvet, works with the bodies own natural restorative process. It aids the homeostatic, (balancing) mechanisms of the body providing regeneration of tissues, organs, strengthening muscles, and aiding optimum functioning of the immune system. Deer antler velvet has been used in China for over 2000 years as what the Chinese call a "Tonic." Tonics have not been used or fully understood in the West until recently. Tonics are defined as a "Promoter of Overall Health." Asians use deer antler velvet tonics to restore normal body processes, to cure sicknesses, to regenerate tissues, to strengthen a weakened body/mind, and to protect the body from external influences. As an altogether body restorer and strengthener, deer antler velvet tonics focus on promoting rapid regeneration, general health and well being, and preventing illnesses.


  2. What makes Growth Factors different from other growth factor products?

    Growth Factors are extracted from deer antler velvet using a chemical free, alcohol free, patent pending water extraction technique. Alcohol, used in other products as the extraction method, inhibits the availability of many growth factors including IGF and TGF. This visionary extraction technique creates a stronger more biologically active source of many growth factors and other beneficial ingredients.


  3. How does Growth Factors Oral Spray work in my body?

    Growth Factors are present in almost every cell of the body. These Growth Factors specifically IGF1, accelerates the bodyís natural restorative process by stimulating cells to go from a resting phase to an active phase in the cells cycle. When cells are stimulated, they work faster increasing the speed of regeneration. Growth Factors not only help heal tissues, but also improve their functions through accelerated cell division and enhanced cellular differentiation. IGF1 also works with other growth factors to increase the cellís ability to complete DNA synthesis thereby increasing the health of individual cells. IGF1 is also known to work with metabolism: increasing physical performance, mental performance, and physical endurance. IGF1 is critical for the growth and development of nerve cells due to its powerful neurotropic (nerve strengthening) properties. Growth Factors act as a neuropeptide playing an important role in cellular communication and in optimizing cellular and physiological functioning.

    Generally deer antler velvet stimulates blood flow and multiplies the volume of blood, which appears to repair blood capillaries and peripheral nerves. Basically this process increases the amount of energy resulting in a better overall state. This process along with the high levels of growth factors is suspected as the mechanism for improved athletic performance, increased muscle strength and stamina, and improved exercise recovery time. The healing of injuries and illness is accelerated not only by growth factors, but also by the powerful anti-inflammatory , Prostaglandins and Chondroitin Sulfate A, present in deer antler velvet. Growth Factors Oral Spray is an athleteís dream come true.


    Deer antler velvet also has an effect on hormones, balancing womenís hormones and increasing testosterone levels in men. Testosterone, like Growth Factors, is present in almost every part of the human body. A healthy testosterone level not only improve sexual health, but also makes proteins that form muscles, aids in manufacturing bones, and improves the uptake of oxygen throughout the body. Adequate testosterone levels are vital for maintaining health.

    Scientist continue to gather research for a greater understanding of how deer antler velvet and its active ingredients like Growth Factors benefits the body. Although many of the exact mechanisms are not yet fully understood, deer antler velvet has consistently proven to have many positive health generating effects in the human body. Research results continue to astound scientist all over the world.


  4. What exactly are growth factors?

    Growth Factors affect to some degree almost every cell in the body. There are different kinds of growth factors, many of which are present in Growth Factors Oral Spray (IGF1, IGF2, TGF, FGF8, BMP4, and NT3). IGF1, best known for its effects on rejuvenation and aging, exerts 3 major influences on the body: regulates cell growth, modulates hormonal events, and acts as a neuropeptide. As we age growth factor levels decline and muscles/bones atrophy; replacing IGF1 helps the body regenerate lean muscle and bone mass. IGF1 targets for regeneration these tissues: muscle, cartilage, bone, liver, kidney, nerve, skin, and lungs. Rejuvenation Oral Spray is an excellent way to supplement the body with a natural, beneficial, biologically available form of growth factors including IGF1.


  5. How are Growth Factors (specifically IGF) different and more effective than HGH (Human Growth Hormone)? Dr. Ronald Klatz in his book Grow Young With HGH (published by: HarperCollins Publisher) states: "IGF is ten times more powerful than HGH."


    As we age Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels as well as Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGF) decline causing muscle atrophy and other age related symptoms. The hormone HGH sends a signal to the liver to produce IGF, which actually carries out the rejuvenation benefits. Ordinarily the pituitary manufactures and secretes HGH. By taking growth factors directly you bypass the pituitary which may be "burnt out." Growth Factors are a viable non-hormonal alternative to regenerating the body. Growth Factors Oral Spray uses a revolutionary extraction technique isolating and stabilizing growth factors from deer antler velvet creating an excellent source of growth factors and other active ingredients.


  6. What are the side effects of Growth Factors, if any?

    Velvet has been used for at least 2000 years and no general toxicity or negative side effects are known. Peter Yoon MD. says he has not seen a case of over dosing with deer antler velvet. Dr. Yoon recommends that people with circulation problems, congenital heart disease or angina (heart pain) should not take Deer Antler Velvet unless they consult with a physician.


  7. Why an oral spray?

Oral sprays sprayed directly into the soft tissues in the mouth absorb more directly into the blood stream than pills or powders that must fight the digestive process. Growth Factors use an oral spray to maximize absorption by the body.


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