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E X   P L U R I B U S   U N U M

T H E    N E W    W O R L D    O R D E R


White racial supremacists like Aryan Nations in northern Idaho are quick to point out that western civilization sprung up in Greek antiquity (the worship of which is the religion of the upper class) and that its blessings, like science, technology, art, music, medicine, social manners, education) are the exclusive achievements of Caucasians or whites. And so the white race must be superior to the other ethnic groups and be the (Aryan) master race for the rest of mankind.

White racial supremacism, though, is not a prerogative of Aryan Nations and has been practised and firmly become ingrained in all aspects of public life:

Treatment of diseases is based exclusively on a system of medicine that was developed by whites and all attempts to introduce other systems of healing, like those of Asian, or African, or American indigenous origin, have been brandmarked as bunk. And their practice has ruthlessly been prosecuted - at the behest of the American Medical Association (A.M.A.) - by federal and state law enforcement agencies (the FDA and state boards of health) as quackery.

The racist war of the A.M.A. against multicultural healing would culminate, at last, in its conviction of an anti-trust violation - which was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court - for conspiring to destroy the profession of chiropractic in U.S. District Court (8-27-87, Judge Susan Getzendanner).

And this tyranny of inferior western thought in action has become known as, besides as white supremacism - as Eurocentrism and is politically incorrect. It further is called positivism, and Cartesian or objective scientific thought, and the "scientific principle". The medical profession in this manner have libeled the multicultural and indigenous methods of healing (by using the N-, G-, H- or K-word) as N and G, and as H(un) or K(raut) medicine.

The first purpose therefore of any corrective action must be to expose this mindset towards illness as hatism and as unconstitutional. For it violates the civil and human rights of ethnic societies other than whites - it is the product of an education of conceit, of abuse and defamation towards said societies and their cultural achievements. And it must give way to true racial harmony and to true pluralistic and multicultural tbought and action - foremostly in the media, in education and in law, in health care, and in all the remaining aspects of our public and private life.

This matter has been given first priority by an informal gathering of world leaders at Lake Lanier Island in Georgia (1997), where the Bilderberg conference made racial harmony in association with the promotion of a global multicultural attitude the most important of all the goals for bringing about a better world.

Now racial harmony and multiculturalism won't be, for example, a surgeon of African ethnicity who's the chief of staff at General Hospital. For it would be a practitioner who has been certified in a multicultural or an indigenous system of healing disease as acupuncture (Asian), reflexology (African) or chiropractic (Middle East) who should be in such a position.

Therefore hospitals and HMOs, medical schools, insurance companies and last but not least the FDA, as well as the State Boards of Health must not be allowed to go on with their usurped and abusive denial of multicultural reality.

But they must be forced - if needs be via court order - to take affirmative action and comply with civil and human rights and avail themselves without delay of the whole gamut of global and multicultural methods and approaches to healing of human disease: Just scream "politically incorrect", "racist", "anti-Semitic", "HOLOCAUST", "SIX MILLION DEAD" - and -

N E V E R    A G A I N !