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And so today - to quote Frater Albertus again - the search goes on for that elusive Ancient Wisdom and for the Laws involved therein: "It is indeed a sad picture to conceive the future when those to take over are not qualified enough to be at least the equal of those who relinquish such positions of trust. Those following should become even superior to their predecessors by building upon the knowledge which is theirs by right of succession to make known again what the entire world is waiting for: Namely to have the laws revealed whereby man may become masters over their destiny."

Thus to disperse the fog of mysticism and roll back the veil of this age of godless reason by eradicating the monopolies of a racist, of a white supremicist inferior Aryan scientific world view, and of classical (and pedophile) humanism, which had brought on the Holocaust and destroyed the Jewish-Hermetic Renaissance in eastern Europe, and has plunged mankind into an abyss of godless and mindless thought that is the root of all its evils. And to demonstrate the ancient wisdom and complete the Unfinished Workpiece, and to reveal these laws of creation whereby men may become masters over their destiny, as they are presented here in the preceding pages - and thus pay restitution and atone for the blood of the eleven million innocent men, women and children of God's chosen people:

That's why this report, THE ONCE AND FUTURE SCIENCE, must now be brought to public scrutiny - at long last and to the chagrin of many - on the Internet.

Christiandom Beware: The Final Warning.

Now whereas Judaism, as shown above, made a persistant and valiant effort to carry on and to restore the sacred teachings, the legacy of the holy men of God, and then would pay for that a devastating toll in suffering and blood, it is the Christian Church - Catholisism, Protestantism, Mormanism and Jehovah's Witnesses to mention a few - which not alone had stifled the divine truths that challenged the modernist belief systems, but they became the substrate on which Catesian and modernist thought would monopolize into the dominant world view of the world.

So it is the Christian Church, it is the Christian denominations which are the root of all evils. Since they had remained silent about the Holocaust nor would they redress the social and the environmental and biological disasters that had sprung up in its wake, and they have indulged their modernist, science-reconciled-with-religion phantasies for so long without a word about it. Even this current report on The Once and Future Science has been on the Internet now for eight months (since August 14, 1999) and there's never been one single E-mail, or even one single inquiry to its website, even though it had far over one thousand contacts (hits).

And as the Pope now has admitted and apologized for the persecutions and the extermination, for the blood of whole nations of "heretics", which the Christian Church has dripping from her hands: A mass murderer's confession will not spare him execution - one cannot afterwards say, "well, I am sorry ...".

That's why the Christian leaders must oppose the death penalty, and organize world vigils whenever there's another execution in Texas: They're on death row themselves, and they'll be next! So this report is the final warning to the sundry Christian denominations, which must be well aware of their impending doom from a passage in their own holy book - Revelation chapter 18: ".....Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.....And the kings of the earth.....shall bewail her and lament her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning...."