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Here, in the MATERIA PRIMA, will be created the Blueprint of the envisioned entity, which is the will of God in all things - and which further is the unseen spirit world, brought forth in the image of its seed (or archetype) in a process known as, Creation. The Book of Genesis refers to this process of creation with the verb, baarâa - to create, from which it derives its name, Briah (B'ree-âh or Brêe-ah) which is, Creation. It is the First Creation, the Spiritual Creation, the planning phase of the Seven Days in the Book of Genesis, where the blueprint was laid out for the next phase of the formation, or construction of the earth:

This here is the all-important Briâtic World - the World of Creation, the FIRST MATTER, which has become lost to the West and shall now be restored.

The MATERIA SECUNDA or the third of the FOUR WORLDS has the Three Formative Elements or Essences of Fire, Water and Air, which will form the physical entity from the chaos in the image of the blueprint or seedstone (in the MATERIA PRIMA) in the process of Formation. They are hostile towards modern man, for he has invaded their realm in defiance of that blueprint - in defiance of the will of God.

The Book of Genesis mentions this elemental process with the verb, yaatsâr, to form from which it has its name, Y'tsirah, (Y'tsee-râh or Y'tsêe-rah), meaning Formation. This is the Y’tsirâtic World or World of Formation - the Second, the Physical Creation - the construction phase of the earth which the Masons know as the Unfinished Workpiece, hewn after its blueprint in phase two before.

The MATERIA TERTIA, at last, is the fourth of the FOUR WORLDS - and it will come about when the MATERIA SECUNDA will be rendered alive through the agency of the Fourth Element, or Essence Earth in a process of Perfection. This process of perfection and fixation will permanently join the MATERIA PRIMA, the Quintessence, the Fifth Element to the MATERIA SECUNDA, and in this manner it will perfect the unfinished workpiece such that it can be joined to its blueprint. And thus will the MATERIA SECUNDA receive its body, soul, and spirit: MATERIA PRIMA and MATERIA SECUNDA fused permanently through the perfecting agency of the earth element and in this process rendered alive, have thus merged and are now the MATERIA TERTIA.

The MATERIA TERTIA in this manner will become a replica of its archetype in the PRIMA CAUSA in the heavens. And here, at last, have we found the process by which the heavens expand and grow: Here is the why and the how of creation.

Now to execute this fourth phase of perfection, in behalf of our planet and of ourselves: That's our divine commission, that's why we are here. And not to forget the perfecting and fixative agency of the earth element, but to put it to the practice on our planet - that's why the planet is named, the earth. In this manner is the earth (arets) the school that carries the name and teaches command of this most vital art of perfecting and completing an assignment via fixation.

Not a conservation of the earth but fixation and perfection and completion, and exaltation through the spirit including ourselves, transcending mortality at last: There we shall find man's destiny and sojourn in this valley of sorrows.

It is this process of fixation which Paracelsus means when he refers to the Quintessence as: Hidden within the Four (the Four Elements that are also called the Four Essences - the first three of which form the MATERIA SECUNDA, while the fourth will fix to them - or hide in them - the MATERIA PRIMA, the Fifth Essence or Quintessence) but not one of the Four, we find the Fifth as one of the Three:

The Fifth Essence, the Quintessence or MATERIA PRIMA namely is the first of and thus one of the Three: The THREE MATERIAS - not the Three Essentials!

The Book of Genesis records this perfection phase with the verb, aasih: To make, to accomplish or to perfect, as in Genesis 2:3, "... ashêr baarâa Elowhêem la-asôwth" - which God had created (in order) to perfect (KJV, which God created - (continued on next page)