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and made). And from this verb aasah is derived the name of that fourth phase Asiyah (Aseey-yâh or Asêey-yah, with a short "A") which means, Perfection.

It is the Asiyâtic World - the World of Perfection. For to carry out the perfection of the earth was man created - as the land there still is called Asia where much of that ancient wisdom has been preserved - and commanded to till the ground (Gen. 3:23) and not to just produce food. We must further note here that in Norse mythology the gods are called the Aen, or the guardians (gardeners) of purity. And their home is Asgard, the Garden of Purity: As in the Garden Eden, the heavenly blood was guarded there in a state of perfection and purity.

And any project or work that is successfully accomplished must follow along these four phases: First there must be conceived its Seed, or the Vision, of its Archetype in heaven. Second, the Blueprint or Seedstone, the Celestial World is created therefrom. Third, its construction phase is achieved with the elemental forces - power tools and fire the Unfinished Workpiece: Here's a hard hat area, a world of trial of terror, a Terrestrial World. And fourth and finally, the project must be finished and perfected such that it shall become united with its second or Celestial World - its FIRST MATTER or Quintessence or the Will of God.

In this manner, it shall receive its body, soul and spirit and become alive to last forever - which is meant by "successfully accomplished": The perfection phase which is also known as the Telestial World (Gr. telêo, to perfect).

But there also is a FIFTH WORLD, the MATERIA QUARTA, below the fourth world of perfection. The INFERNO namely, which is the proverbial "World of the Flesh" from which the Spirit has fled. And now in Hebrew that's Owlâam Ha-QQ'leepôwth, World of the Shells - the world of dead matter: The secular view of the world of objective science, technology and medicine where - man has invaded the domain of the elemental forces in defiance of the FIRST MATTER - which is in defiance of the Creator's blueprint, namely in defiance of His will and purpose.

And in this manner have we succeeded now to bring forth the modern Babel of our present scientific age: The Q’lipôwtic World, the World of the Illusions - the World of Corruption or the Infernal World. And there, in the fifth world of the illusions alone - with the essence removed - can the onslaught of objective science on the biblical records originate and take effect.

III. The Q.B.L.: The FOUR (Five) WORLDS- The Six Elements or Six Essences -

The Three Principles or Three Essentials.

A Summary for Reference.


The Seed (Emanation) or Archetype in Heaven. The Sixth

 Essence or Element. The Antimonial Tinctures (see also

  section IV) for the purification of the blood or seed.

MATERIA PRIMA: The Seedstone. 

Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury.

 The Seedstone - the first, the spiritual creation or the

  blueprint - the Fifth Essence (Quintessence) or Element;

with its Three Essentials or Three Principles: Sulfur (essential soul), Salt (or essential  body) and Mercury (essential spirit or life force). The Philosophers' Stone (see also section V)

MATERIA SECUNDA: Fire, Water, & Air

  The Three Formative Elements or Essences: Fire (Sheen),

 Water (Meim), and Air (Alef) form from the blueprint the

 second or physical creation - the Unfinished Workpiece.


The Fourth or Fixative Element or Essence Earth perfects

and joins to the unfinished workpiece: its blueprint.


The Aryan secular and objective - or positivistic view of 

the world. The appearances of our world  

of the atom and of the Periodic Table of the Elements:

They are shells, shadows, illusions - not essences.



To illustrate this last point, we shall quote from one of the modern books on Alchemy:   "An  also acceptable analogy would be the correspondences of


        Electron =   Mercury;   Proton = Sulphur,  and Neutron = Salt."


Nothing could be further from the truth as these and other building blocks of contemporary physical science refer to the FIFTH WORLD, the MATERIA QUARTA or World of the SHELLS alone. Wheras Sulfur, Salt, and Mercury are building blocks in the SECOND WORLD, the World of the Spirit, which is the World of Creation, or MATERIA PRIMA - where our scientists have no access.


And to make matters worse, deluded modern man has hitched to that world of his illusions the artificial constructs of organized religion (with an afterlife in a 3-dimentional heaven and hell, e.g.) and of mysticism. Please see Epilogue pages E1, E2.