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Apppendix B: The Source and The Channels of the Hermetic Tradition.

The Ancient Tradition: Its Relevance at Present.

As was explained before, the purpose of the Ancient Tradition is to provide the know-how for the perfection of the world, ourselves included. This know-how surpasses that of the present objective science dominated Babylonian system, for it recognizes and affirms an unseen world of Spirit as a spatial presence in and as an extension surrounding all created things.

Its fivefold structure, which mirrors the four phases or realms of creation plus the fifth realm of dead matter below, can thus be simplified and reduced to a twofold structure:

Seen (physical, realms III, IV, V) - and unseen (spiritual, realms I and II).

Now as was shown in the first two chapters, our present modern world, which denies the realm of Spirit and is restricted to dead matter alone, is restricted therefore also in its accomplishments in science, technology, and in medicine.

This has proved most disastrous in the field of health care as we have seen already, and where a universal intelligence which permeates all living things as the ancient men of God had taught, being the source of all life and the root for the empirical methods like chiropractic or homeopathy, is "bunk" to MD ears.

And the law of conservation of energy and matter, for example, does hold in a world of dead matter alone. Energy is an outflow of the universal Spirit, and Tesla, Moray, Reich and John C. Roberts amongst others had shown how readily the access to an abundance of cosmic energy can be obtained in a world that includes the Spirit realm.

The same inventors have further discovered the law of artificial gravity, a feat which, likewise, objective physical science shall never accomplish.

The French biochemist, C. Louis Kervran (Biological Transmutations, Beekman Publishers 1980), has shown in a lifetime of research at the University of Paris that processes in nature do not follow the laws of physico-cbemistry of the 19th and 20th century: Elemental transmutations are quite customary there.

It is in the laboratory alone, in the world of dead matter, with the Spirit removed, that transmutations cannot happen.

The example on how the realm of Spirit has been put to use successfully for decades already is Dr. Rudolf Steiner's "Biodynamic Farming and Gardening". Dr. Steiner followed the insight that all things have a spiritual counterpart, which must be attended to in their management if success is expected to last.

While "organic" essentially means "no chemistry," it does not give the "why," nor the "how" for such a restriction. Biodynamics in contrast is set apart from other methods because it treats the growing of food as an integral spiritual and physical system. And this is in harmony with Christian (John 4:24) and with LDS (Moses 3:7) beliefs.

Biodynamic methods therefore are very competitive with conventional farming procedures, attain superior crops and livestock, and will improve the quality of the soil.

They meet the command to replenish (rather than exploit) the earth, and are recognized as the technology for the food production of tomorrow throughout most of the civilized world.