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Elixir of the Sun

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Note: All Planetary Elixirs come in 15 ml size

Kit Specs (seven Elixirs 15 ml each and a clear acrylic holder/display unit):

Retail price of Kit: $100.00 US + shipping and handling.

Individual bottles of the Planetary Elixirs: Price: $14.00 per 15ml bottle
20% alcohol (spiritus vini)
+ shipping and handling.


Thank you for your interest in the Laboratoire Quintessence Elixirs.

These Spagyric Elixirs are prepared with the strictest rules of the tradition, but with state of the art technology. They are the product of the late Spagyrist, Michel Gutkin. After 15 years of research, the Planetary Spagyric Elixirs(tm) are finally made available to the public as a new line of remedies. Michel was a Homeopathic Doctor in Quebec, Canada. These Spagyric remedies have already been prescribed, in a clinical environment, to a sample of selected patients for a period of three years. Michel ascertained that the Spagyric Planetary Elixirs can be associated with various therapeutic approaches as additional tools, and particularly with those that affect energy in the human being. We can assure you that their therapeutic effect is powerful!

Disclaimer: We state that we are not responsible for any illness, side effects, or any other form of life threatening or non-life threatening bad effects from the use of these products. We state that the user alone takes full responsibility for the use of the product after its purchase, and we only advance this disclaimer as a protection from liabilty claims, or law suits against us as distributors of the offered products. We hope that you will try these beneficial products with confidence.

7 Days, 7 Elixirs

Sunday - Elixir of the Sun, Monday - Elixir of the Moon, Tuesday - Elixir of Mars, Wednesday - Elixir of Mercury, Thursday - Elixir of Jupiter, Friday - Elixir of Venus, Saturday - Elixir of Saturn.

The basic use and treatment of these Spagyrical elixir's provides a general harmonization and reinforcement of the body's own strength and therefore the elixirs can be taken for as long as you want,or until the desired results manifest.

However, since the changes occur at a subtle level, it is good to take the seven planetary elixirs regularly for about a year in order to perceive and appreciate the changes, which may vary from one individual to the next:

1. better health

2. more energy

3. better resistance to stress and diseases

4. feeling of well-being and fulfillment

5. more self-confidence

6. stronger intuition and perceptions

7. younger appearance, etc.

The treatment of a specified imbalance, according to the words above, should be pursued until complete harmonization. The time it takes to regain balance varies greatly from one individual to the next and depends, among others, on the seriousness of the disease, and on whether it is chronic or not. A spagyric treatment always tends to facilitate and accelerate the recovery process and can be associated with any other conventional treatment.

It is important to keep in mind that Spagyrics is part of a preventive approach and that all acute, chronic, degenerative, health-threatening or life-threatening pathologies are to be handled by a certified physician or specialist. In that case, the spagyric elixirs would function simply as a supplement to the medical treatment.

About the Elixirs

As the planetary elixirs are of a quite dynamic and subtle nature, they may be included in a large scale therapeutic approach. When administered to an organism out of balance, they follow the 'similia similibus curantur' principle, and fight the disease by its like. This is a very Homeopathic approach, using the law of similars to combat and overcome imbalance in bodies, using the best of the spagyrically prepared tinctures and elixirs powers.

Important: Before any specific treatment related to a diagnosed disorder, it is important to take regularly the seven elixirs for a period of at least 6 to 12 months. Often, the disorders originally diagnosed will tend to diminish after a regular intake of the planetary elixirs.

The seven planetary elixirs are not meant to replace, but rather to compliment, conventional medicinal treatment. As health is the result of a state of balance, the elixirs, when this balance is lost, allow the body to restore and/or maintain its inner harmony and to accelerate the being's evolutionary process.

The human body always reacts slowly, and when a disorder manifests on the physical/organic plane, perturbations have already occurred on the energy level. Thus, there is a noticeable decrease in energy two to three days prior to the actual flu. In the same way, the energy is a actually restored before it is actually felt.

7 Planetary Elixirs Use

The basic treatment consists in taking, every day upon waking up, and preferably within the hour following sunrise, five to seven drops of the elixir of the corresponding day, directly in the mouth or diluted with a little water.

An important point should be brought up here.

These Spagyric elixirs should not be subjected to homeopathic dilution and dynamization, for the result would be to reverse their effect. These elixirs are already powerfully vivified, through a long sequence of philosophical cohobations and circulations.

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