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Elixir of the Sun

Compound Herbal Elixirs:

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Note: All Planetary Elixirs come in 15 ml size

Kit Specs (seven Elixirs 15 ml each and a clear acrylic holder/display unit):

Retail Price: $100.00 US + shipping and handling.

Individual bottles of the compound Elixirs: Price: $14.00 per 15ml bottle
20% alcohol (spiritus vini)
+ shipping and handling.


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These elixir's come individually or in a kit with a clear (like plastic) holder.

Key Benefits

Since the changes occur at a subtle level, it is good to take the
seven planetary elixirs regularly for about a year in order to perceive and
appreciate the changes, which may vary from one individual to the next:
better health, more energy, better resistance to stress and diseases,
feeling of well-being and fulfillment, more self-confidence, stronger
intuition and perceptions, younger appearance, etc.


1. Establish a daily routine.

Find a most suitable (for each person) way of taking and tasting fully the basic clyssus/tincture or elixir that day, i.e.

Sun elixir sunday, Moon elixir monday, Mars/tuesday, Mercury/wednesday, Jupiter/thursday, Venus/friday, Saturn/saturday.

Consider your attention and response to:

a. amount taken

b. when you take it

c. reason for taking it

2. Decide to take consistently.

Let it happen naturally with each dosage.

3. Qabalistic impregnations may be used to give the elixirs and tinctures your wishes. Note: these invokings and fixations of wishes in our elixirs provoke Nature to respond to us.

Observe that intelligences, consciousnessís existing in the herb or compound of herbs are contacted. They are simple, yet, they are imbued with the collective knowledge or memory of the Earthís evolution. Inherent in their essences are vibrations that resonate with our unconscious. Repetitious contact makes for harmonious relationship with these entities or souls of plants. We are liberating and speeding up (ours and theirs) the evolution of our mutual species.

Anthony House C.H.

These prices are subject to change.


Elixir Kit w/ Acrylic Stand SKU #1 $100 US


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