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The Work

These links lead to large charts, etc., well worth the wait for download so be patient and you will be rewarded with reference charts and other materials for alchemical research.

[Mutus Liber]

[Keys of Basilius]

[SYMBOL TABLE 24] [EXTRACTION LIQUORS][Stone Article][Cubic Crystal Symmetry] [Sulphur Experiment] [Philosophical Lead Apparatus][LPN-USA/PON] [Frater Albertus][Michael Junius][Jean Dubuis]Some Wav's [The Force] [Alive]


Flamel's Alchemy

Abraham the Jew Plates

[Plate One] [Plate Two] [Plate Three] [Plate Four] [Plate Five] [Plate Six] [Plate Seven] [Plate Eight] [Plate Nine] [Plate Ten] [Plate Eleven] [Plate Twelve] [Plate Thirteen] [Plate Fourteen] [Plate fifteen] [Plate Sixteen] [Plate Seventeen] [Plate Eighteen] [Plate Ninteeen] [Plate Twenty] [Plate Twentyone]

[Laboratory] [Butter of Antimony] [Sage Magistery] [Sage Magistery 2] [Oven Watch]

[Stories of Alchemical Transmutations]

[The Dry Way]

Indigo - Mercury Connection

[Metallic Oils]

[Glaser's Glass]

Gold Image

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